Modern agriculture is experiencing major changes, under the combined effects of strongly increasing food demand and ever more constraining environmental laws. These evolutions are strong drivers for higher yields, better quality controls and lower levels of chemical inputs. FORCE-A continues to open new perspectives for its customers, through its innovative photonic solutions dedicated to real-time crop diagnostics and monitoring. FORCE-A`s new diagnostic tools for plants are based on portable and embedded optical sensors that deliver high added value information in real time to our agricultural customers. They can monitor chemical inputs and do early stage crop quality assessment. Our innovative sensing technology uses fluorescence signals from plants, for non destructive acquisition of new robust signatures of plant status and growth stage.

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Thanks to these intrinsic benefits, our products and services allow customers from the agricultural world to meet new environmental protection standards and specifications governing farming activities. They add value to their products through improved quality while limiting the impact of use of fertilizers and plant protecting agents. Our optical sensor solutions provide fast return on investment and generate increased crop value.

FORCE-A aims to be a world leader on its market segment, through its expertise - derived from a combination of in-house know-how and targeted partnerships – in areas linked to optical sensors, decisional aid criteria, and the agricultural processes by which our high-performance solutions are put into application. The keystone for our aim and ambition is a highly experienced, responsive and creative multidisciplinary team.