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  • Pruning Modulation Services

    Pruning Modulation Services

    The analysis of spatial heterogeneity of pruning wood provides a tool to technical practices management (pruning management, fertilization, grass-covering…) to implement a sustainable viticulture.

  • Leaf Diagnostics Services

    Leaf Diagnostics Services

    Resulting from 15 years of research, DUALEX® and MULTIPLEX® are decision support tools. These real-time sensors measure the flavonol and chlorophyll contents of grapevine leaves. These measurements work out a nitrogen status index, which allows you to optimize the nitrogen inputs of your vineyard.

  • Managing Nitrogen Nutrition and Grain Quality

    Managing Nitrogen Nutrition and Grain Quality

    The fertilisation of cultivated plants can cause chemical pollution. In order to improve the agro-environmental effects from large culture plants, FORCE-A provides tools for improved control of nitrogen fertiliser content. For example, by diagnosing the level of nitrogen nutrition in cereals, these decision-aid tools (DAT) trigger and adjust the last intake in the optical sensor to control protein content in the grain (technological quality criteria)...