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  • Motorhoes

  • Model F41 - Motorhoes

    Model F41 - Motorhoes

    The F41 is a small motorhoes, suitable for working on small plots of land and in the vegetable garden. Installed a 2.6 kW engine transforms it into a powerful and reliable machine although it has small size.

  • Model Uno - Motorhoe

    Model Uno - Motorhoe

    The Motorhoes Uno, is equipped with 4.8 Kw engine, Uno is a professional agricultural vehicle, that allows to work the soil in a fast, easy and safe thanks to the safety device for accident prevention. It can be fitted with many accessories for different types of tillage.

  • Motor Cultivators

  • Model 104 Series - Motor Cultivators

    Model 104 Series - Motor Cultivators

    The motorcultivator 104 serie by Fort is a practical and handy means for cleaning vegetable garden, reliable and easy to handle with engine of 4.9 kW. The motorcultivator 104 Serie is provided to 1 forward speed and 1 reverse motion with gears in oil bath.

  • Model 280 Series - Motor Cultivators

    Model 280 Series - Motor Cultivators

    For Professionals farmer, motocultivator 280 serie is a vehicle with excellent performance, it will help in a lot of work thanks to extensive accessories and various types of engines from 3,5 KW to 6,9 KW.

  • Model 180  Series - Motor Cultivators

    Model 180 Series - Motor Cultivators

    The 180 Series is a professional walking tractor, suitable for any type of work in the field. This vehicle has an engine that is 5.5 kW to 9.9 kW. The 180 Series is equipped with 3 forward speeds and 3 reverse with device sefety accident prevention.

  • Motormowers

  • Model Fs60  - Motormowers

    Model Fs60 - Motormowers

    The Fs60 is a trimmer cord for home use, but can also be used on small farms. The Fs60 is a little heavy machine easy to use, reliable and very quiet.

  • Flailmower

  • Model FTR750 - Flailmower

    Model FTR750 - Flailmower

    FTR750 is a professional flail mower shredder for large plots of land with slopes greater than 25%. This vehicle is equipped with engine from 6.9 KW. to 6,3 KW. and automatic parking brake release lever. The brake system by automatic ensures maximum safety during operation.

  • Small Tractors

  • Diablo - Small Tractors

    Diablo - Small Tractors

    Diablo is a small tractor ideal for small farms, vineyards, vegetable gardens and hobby garden. Diablo is a great addition to work alongside high power machines in a medium to large-scale farm. Diablo is easy versatility agility and manoeuvrability. This vehicle is available with engine 7,4 KW to 9.9 kW, and many accessories are easily interchangeable.

  • Sirio - Mini Tractor

    Sirio - Mini Tractor

    The mini tractor Sirio 4x4 is the smallest tractor in the world! Its width only 65 cm. Despite its reduced dimensions, the tractor hides a 13 KW. engine, which makes it very powerful and suitable for many works, both in narrow spaces and in the field. Moreover, its dimensions makes it the ideal tool for works in greenhouses, nurseries and farms and for particular productions in narrow spaces, such as viticulture and grape Christmas three plantation.

  • Multifunction Agriculture Machine

  • Vision - Agricultural Multifunctional Reversible Machine

    Vision - Agricultural Multifunctional Reversible Machine

    The project was born by our ambition to create a very compact and adaptable multifunction working machine; the operator can work with Vision in total ergonomic and ease without any special instructions... Essentially, we created something that was not in the market. Finally the project vision was born... Vision as visionary... Vision because visionary it is the ease of use, and visionary is the versatility of the machine... A multi talent machine.

  • Multi Utility Transporters

  • Supertrac  - Model 4x4 - Agricultural Transporters

    Supertrac - Model 4x4 - Agricultural Transporters

    The Agricultural transporters Fort, includes a wide range of vehicles configured to work on the farm. Many accessories available that make these machines highly versatile and multifunctional. Under art. 57, paragraph 1, and letter (a), paragraph 1 of the Italian Highway Code, an AGRICULTURAL TRANSPORTER is defined as a self-propelled agricultural vehicle with load-bed, designed and manufactured for the transport of sundry inert materials, products,...