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  • Agricultural Equipment

  • Model GN60 - Combine Harvester

    Model GN60 - Combine Harvester

    Slipstream sleeve-single longitudinal direction axial flow sleeve. The slipstream sleeve is of continuous variable transmission with surplus crops recycling technique, which can provide a satisfying harvest performance at all phases of harvesting. Luxury enclosed anti-vibration driving cab, which is well enclosed with a wide view, a suspension seat, an air conditioner、an assistant seat, and a MP3. It follows the man-machine engineering in a...

  • Model GE20D - Combine Harvester

    Model GE20D - Combine Harvester

    New type patented re-sheller. Pre-reserved opening for double function machine, which is suitable for corn harvest after being replaced with corn accessories. Choosable straw chopping machine to satisfy the requirement of straw recycling.