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  • Front Loaders

  • Model POM-VX - Front Loaders

    Model POM-VX - Front Loaders

    Good vision and ergonomic handling was the main focus for constructing the front loader POM-'VX“. 50 years of experience in production of advanced front loader systems, together with feedback of customers, result in optimum synergies, and thus form the basis for the front loader generation “VX”.

  • Model POM-R - Front Loader

    Model POM-R - Front Loader

    The front loader generation „POM-R“ was especially developed for semi-professional users. Regardless of the light type of the “R” front loader, rationality, efficiency and universal usability are integral parts of the front loader. The constructively robust built profile of the loading arm made of fine-grained steel, the placement of the hydraulic lines, the modular hydraulic valve system and the attractive design make...

  • Model POM-SK - Front Loader

    Model POM-SK - Front Loader

    The front loader series “POM-SK” is especially for compact tractors and convinces with innovative construction and perfect technology. The stabilizer loading arm provides an optimum stability and guarantees excellent view to the implements. The hydraulic lines are mounted below the loading arm. ll bearings are equipped with big dimensioned bolts and bronze bushes. Lubrication points are easily accessible from the loader outside. Due to the...

  • UNIMOG - Model POM RX-500 - Front Loader

    UNIMOG - Model POM RX-500 - Front Loader

    Front Loader for the new UNIMOG U200 / U300 / U400 / U500 Blue Tec 6 of Mercedes-Benz we offer an optimally suited front loader. Make your UNIMOG mutli functional with our front loader 'RX-500'! The development in close cooperation with Mercedes-Benz garantuees a perfect construction of the front loader on the UNIMOG. Optimally suited to the UNIMOG the 'RX-500' handles loading and transport works with ease. Parking of the front loader can be easily...

  • UNIMOG - Model U200 / U300 / U400 / U500 - Front Loader

    UNIMOG - Model U200 / U300 / U400 / U500 - Front Loader

     Furthermore we also offer front loaders for the older series UNIMOG U300, U400 and U500. With our front loader „POM-C - UGN-FL“ your UNIMOG turns into a multifunctional vehicle. The technical approval from Daimler-Chrysler (AB-Nr.511015) guarantees an optimum attachment of the 'POM-C' on the U300 for our customers. Parking the front loader works easily and fast. No additional tools are necessary. Locking is made through locking...

  • Front Linkage

  • Model FS-4 - Lifting Attachments

    Model FS-4 - Lifting Attachments

    Since more than 35 years Hauer develops and produces front linkages. They form the basis for the front linkage series “FS-4”. It impresses thorugh a robust construction, excellent lifting forces, high reliability and universal applicability. The „FS-4“ is available in two variants: a fixed screwed version and a parkable variant

  • Scraper

  • Model HP-2461 - Rear Levelling Scraper

    Model HP-2461 - Rear Levelling Scraper

    The rear levelling scraper HP-2461 is perfect for the creation and maintenance of paths and access roads in the agriculture, forestry and municipal administration. It was developed for heavy duty operations and is characterized by professional design, extreme stability and universal applicability.

  • Spreader

  • Model V4A - Stainless Steel Salt and Grit Spreader

    Model V4A - Stainless Steel Salt and Grit Spreader

    Winter service on public roads and surfaces makes maximum demands on man and machine. A maximum of reliability, sturdiness and longevity was therefore set as the top objective in the development of the Eisprofi System Pauli. All models of the salt and grit spreader Eisprofi are manufactured 100% from Inox V4A. Only this high quality material can stand up to the daily salt spreading operation without corrosion with maximum stability. The additional...