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  • Model LC - Liquid Fertilizer Carts

    Model LC - Liquid Fertilizer Carts

    Free Form Plastics, in partnership with Bourgault Industries, is proud to offer this well engineered and superior built product. The frame design has undergone extensive field and endurance testing to ensure years of trouble free service. Frame construction and paint quality surpasses any other liquid fertilizer cart on the market today.

  • Model PLS7400  - Transportable Liquid Storage Unit

    Model PLS7400 - Transportable Liquid Storage Unit

    The PLS7400 unit meets the increasing demand for on-site liquid storage.The PLS7400 gives you mobile storage of liquids. In liquid fertilizer appication, the PLS7400 can be a convenient filling station right in your field. You no longer have to wait for the truck driver. The PLS7400 is suitable for storage of a wide array of liquids including liquid fertilizer, liquid feed supplement, herbicide and water for livestock or spraying operations. Whatever...

  • Model TB2000 - Swath Rollers

    Model TB2000 - Swath Rollers

    Free Form Swath Rollers reduce crop loss by minimizing the effects of wind damage. The patented adjustable width roller enables the operator to easily change the roller width which forces the windrow to be “tucked-in” on the ends maximizing resistance to wind gusts. Another feature (on mounted models) is the added weight to the rear of the swather which helps offset the use of larger headers. Our advantage is the patented adjustable width...