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  • Biofresh - Fresh Pallet

    Biofresh - Fresh Pallet

    Now the proven biofresh ozone management system is available in pallet form. A brilliantly simple concept, the freshpallet delivers the prescribed level of ozone required to protect the crop and releases exactly the right volume into the storage container for the duration of the journey. Self governing, safe, secure and rechargeable. You simply switch it on and leave it. The freshpallet reduces the proportion of the crop lost in transit due to...

  • Biofresh - Model EMU - Ethylene Management Unit

    Biofresh - Model EMU - Ethylene Management Unit

    The Biofresh Ethylene Management Unit (EMU) provides store managers and growers with a safe, accurate and reliable method of extending the life of their crop in store without the risks which come from chemical residues. Our Ethylene Management Units operate using 99.95% ethylene supplied in cylinders, satisfying CRD quality requirements and HSE safety requirements. Use of cylinders ensures the delivery pf pure ethylene, avoiding potential...