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  • Cabs

  • Safety Frame

    Safety Frame

    Whether it is agricultural machines in forestry, excavators in digging activities or fork-lift trucks in the high-bay storage areas: for every type of use Fritzmeier offers special safety solutions.

  • Exterior

  • Roof Modules

    Roof Modules

    Fritzmeier has been developing and producing roof modules for tractors and construction machines for over 30 years. High investments in technologies and material systems have been made to ensure the cost-effective production of the sophisticated modules. For high-volume production we recommend the SMC-technology. For medium production numbers the LFI-sheeting technology offers decisive advantages in the tool costs and in the high-quality finish of the...

  • Bonnets and Harches

    Bonnets and Harches

    Temperature-resistant and torsion-rigid. Large engine bonnets for crawler excavators or combine harvesters are an enormous challenge for the constructor and manufacturer. Here the resistance to changes in temperature, the robustness of the surface and particularly also the torsion rigidity – and that often with only two or four attachment points - are decisive.  These are criteria where Fritzmeier is able to put a highest amount of...

  • Interior

  • Roof Stowage Units

    Roof Stowage Units

    Where the development of complex modules like roof stowage units is concerned the competitive advantage already begins with construction: design, functionality, gap widths, surface haptics and emotional appeal are only a few of the product features that are created in close cooperation with your specialist departments. Where the development of complex modules like roof stowage units is concerned the competitive advantage already begins with...

  • Interior Paneling

    Interior Paneling

    Robust and high-quality please. Each type of vehicle and each type of use puts different demands on the interior. For the production of interior cladding and paneling Fritzmeier counts on fiberglass-reinforced polyurethane systems as supports and foam-backed foils made of ABS or PVC.

  • Aluminium Components

  • Alu-sliding Windows

    Alu-sliding Windows

    More than 120,000 light-weight construction windows are produced by Fritzmeier every year. Thereby over 50 different customer-specific profiles are installed. The windows are service-friendly and designed optically attractively.

  • Alu-Doors


    Alu-doors with integrated window guide-rails. Aluminium doors belong to the latest Fritzmeier innovations. Fritzmeier produces these high-quality products with the latest technology and the most modern processes.