Fruit Control Equipments (FCE)

Since 1952, through the unison of a talented designer in close collaboration with researchers, Fruit Control Equipments (FCE), was born, expanding rapidly in the Controlled Atmosphere field for preserving and storage of fruits and vegetables. A capillary world-wide presence nails Italian colours to the mast, as proof of Italy’s technological primacy in this sector. A philosophy that combines commercial demands with improvements in the farmer’s living standards. FCE, starting from the physiology of the agricultural products as well as the commercial and mercantile demands, studies industrial applicability of it’s plant machinery together with the economical aspects of the problem while keeping in mind the possibility to improve living standards of the agricultural population, striving to integrate the economic and qualitative advantages at all levels - from the producer to the consumer.

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Via R.Luxemburg, 55 , Locate Triulzi (MI) , 20085 Italy

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Ours is not only a technical-commercial ethic, but is part of a wider vision that ranges from research and experimental projects to the farmers’ well-being.

We at FRUIT CONTROL EQUIPMENTS believe that creativity and technological development, together with an environment friendly policy, make our Controlled Atmosphere a work of art.

We convey our warmest thanks to all our customers world-wide !
Our site is open to all and we invite everyone to send us suggestions, constructive criticism and observations to help us improve our services.

Controlled atmosphere chamber

Our philosophy is to supply plant machinery that can be managed totally by the end user.

For this reason we use components that have been thoroughly tested .
The materials and technologies that we use allow us to reduce technical assistance to the minimum, which is rapidly carried out where necessary and is the pride and satisfaction of the Company’s quality control policy.

FCE is leader on the national and international markets in the controlled and generated atmospheres field. FCE builds plants world-wide, with the ability and experience acquired in over 30 year’s collaboration by FCE technicians with Engineer Felice Bonomi, considered the “father” of controlled atmosphere engineering since 1954.

Decades of controlled and dynamic atmosphere

FCE is owner and depositary of the Bonomi System trade marks and collaborates with the most highly qualified and world famous tecnicians.

The research carried out in collaboration with the most important research institutes in Italy and abroad, allows FRUIT CONTROL EQUIPMENTS to perfect new technologies which correspond better to the needs of horticultural products, cereals included. Controlled atmosphere storage of apples and other fruits and vegetables