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  • Absorbers

  • INTELLIGEM - Model IG - CO2 Absorbers

    INTELLIGEM - Model IG - CO2 Absorbers

    The INTELLIGEM IG adsorbers represent the most avante-garde system for CO2 adsorption in DCA ( Dynamic Controlled Atmosphere-patented by Fruit Control Equipments) “SwinglosTM” stores. The “state-of-the-art” apparatus consists of two tanks filled with active carbons which give continuous adsorption on the room. This apparatus has been designed, realized and perfected to offer top performance during use employing the most recent...

  • SO2 Absorber

    SO2 Absorber

    Purifier for SO2, odorous volatile products and ethylene with combined humidification. The TL units for centralized use, have been designed and realized to eliminate the gaseous by-products produced by fruits during storage. The units are used for the storage of superior quality apples, pears and citrus fruits in general and above all for SO2 reduction from dessert grapes’ storage cells. Due to the effect of cell air recycle in counter-flow with...