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  • Automatic Bins Trailer

    Automatic Bins Trailer

    The automatic trailer makes the harvesting system of the TECNOFRUIT really complete: there are five hydraulic functions: the transport of the empty fruit containers on the upper part of the trailer by means of chains, lifting the empty fruit containers, moving the full fruit containers to the lower part of the trailer, offloading the full containers to the ground and hydraulic steering.

  • Model CF 110 - Tecnofruit

    Model CF 110 - Tecnofruit

    Fruit picking machine for row distances of 3,60 to 4,50 metres and plant heights to a maximum of 3,80 metres. Designed to be multi-purpose, it has a generous standard equipment, including the automatic trailer and the air compressor for 6 to 8 pruning shears. The CF 110 can be employed in many seasonal tasks. Equipped with a 4 cylinder Diesel engine, it has a top speed of 18 km/h.

  • Model CF 105 - Tecnofruit

    Model CF 105 - Tecnofruit

    A compact machine for row distances from 3,00 to 4,00 metres and plant heights to a maximum of 3,60 metres. The generous standard equipment and a complete range of accessories allow the machine to be adapted to the individual needs of modern fruit growers. Equipped with a reliable 3-cylinder diesel engine, it has a fuel consumption and emission level in accordance with the TIER 4 norm. The four lateral platforms (back: 1,25 x 0,36 metres, front: 0,80...