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  • Barn Cameras

  • Streaming IP Camera (WebCam)

    Streaming IP Camera (WebCam)

    Now you can stream without using a computer. A network connection and stream hosting is required. Specifications: Image sensor: 1/3? Sony color CCD. Resolution: 420, 480, 520 line. Lens mount: Standard C/CS. Video compression: MPEG-4 ASP. Encoding bitrates: 32kbps – 3mbps. Image Resolution: D1 and CIF: PAL 720×576, 352×288; NTSC 640×480, 320×240. Frame rate: 30 fps. Built-in microphone & audio line-in. Audio...

  • Wireless Camera System for Metal or Stone Barn

    Wireless Camera System for Metal or Stone Barn

    Wireless Camera System for Metal or Stone Barn includes Camera, Transmitter and Receiver. Transmits up to 500 feet, 1000 feet or up to a Mile!. Holds up to 4 cameras. Hooks to standard TV/VCR. Wide angle lens. Great Audio and Video. Automatic Switching Function and Remote.

Products by GEA Farm Technologies

  • Farm Equipment- Dairy Farming- Animal Nutrition

  • Animal Nutrition Bloat Remedies

    Animal Nutrition Bloat Remedies

    Bloat is caused by persistent foam or froth in the rumen preventing the belching of trapped gases. Bloat is more common in spring when there is rapid plant growth combined with severe frosts - cows go on fresh pasture, hungry after the morning milking and tend to gorge.

  • Farm Equipment- Dairy Farming- Automated Feeding

  • Automated Feeding Mix Feeder with WIC system

    Automated Feeding Mix Feeder with WIC system

    Increase the efficiency of the feeding process at your dairy farm and experience the benefits of precise group feeding and optimized feed management: MixFeeder with intelligent WIC system. Feeding, TMR feeding, and automatic feeding are the key phrases important to every single dairy farm. Let a part of your work be made easier in the future: The automated GEA MixFeeder with WIC supplies your animals with freshly mixed, precisely measured rations...

  • Automatic Feeding Belt Feeder

    Automatic Feeding Belt Feeder

    Your introduction to automatic feeding: TMR feeding with the Belt Feeder automated feed distributor is efficient, operator-friendly and especially durable thanks to proven technology. The Belt Feeder feed distributor is the ideal introduction to the concept of automatic feed supply systems. Small, flexible, economical – the combination of conveyor belt and sliding scraper offers many advantages.

  • Farm Equipment- Dairy Farming- Barn Climate

  • Curtains for Barns & Milking Parlors

    Curtains for Barns & Milking Parlors

    GEA has the perfect curtain for every stall to ensure your cows are comfortable and increase your yields. A comfortable stall climate is essential to producing high-quality milk. If it is too hot in summer, the animals can become distressed, which has a direct effect on milk production. In the winter, the cows may get too cold. As a systems provider for the agricultural industry, GEA has the perfect curtain to increase cow comfort significantly in...

  • Ridge Ventilation for Barns

    Ridge Ventilation for Barns

    A good ventilation, as well as cow comfort, is one of the most important aspects in a free stall housing. In order to remove warm air an open ridge would be the best solution.

  • Farm Equipment- Dairy Farming- Cow Comfort

  • Model E & M - Cow Brush

    Model E & M - Cow Brush

    Increase cow comfort: The E-Brush and M-Brush cow brushes ensure greater comfort and optimal hygiene in the cowshed. Whether mounted horizontally or vertically – the brushes are durable and highly efficient.

  • Farm Equipment- Dairy Farming- Cow Routing & Selection

  • Farm Equipment- Dairy Farming- Cubicles & Free Stalls

  • Model 2-D - High Neckrail Cubicle

    Model 2-D - High Neckrail Cubicle

    The 2-D line was developed with freedom of movement for the cow in mind. These cubicle divisions provide the cow with maximum comfort.

  • GEA Farm - Mione Milking Robot 1-Box System

    GEA Farm - Mione Milking Robot 1-Box System

    The number of cows that can be milked per day and box is not dependent on technology alone. There are multiple factors which will significantly influence throughput (or the number of milkings/cow/day). For that reason, it is more logical to determine the capacity of a system by using the number of milkings. As a rule of thumb, 140-170 milkings/box/day can be used to evaluate the required number of boxes and the maximum capacity of the...

  • GEA Milking & Cooling - Milking Equipment

  • Apollo  - MilkSystem

    Apollo - MilkSystem

    It is a fact that automation can decrease the chance for human error, reduce labor and inefficiencies, and provide more consistent milking procedures. The combination of these benefits, all evident in the revolutionary Apollo™MilkSystem, can improve the milk quality in your herd and positively impact your dairy’s bottom line.

  • GEA Milking & Cooling - Detachers

  • Metatron  - Model 21 Series - Milk Monitoring Systems

    Metatron - Model 21 Series - Milk Monitoring Systems

    For over 30 years, Metatron milk monitoring systems have led the industry in accuracy, reliability and ease of use. With Metatron 21 from GEA Farm Technologies we have extended our lead in milk metering technology.  Get real time, accurate milk metering and complete dairy farm management control at your fingertips with instant data access.

  • DemaTron  - Model 75 Series - Detacher

    DemaTron - Model 75 Series - Detacher

    The DemaTron 75 offers simple, convenient controls with an ergonomic control panel at each stall plus optional remote start or easy start (vacuum only).  This unit also displays milk weights with I.D.  Get basic parlor management plus milk weight evaluation with DairyPlan C21.

  • DemaTron - Model 70 Series - Detacher

    DemaTron - Model 70 Series - Detacher

    The DemaTron 70 offers simple, convenient controls with an ergonomic control panel at each stall plus optional remote start or easy start (vacuum only).  The unit displays milk weights with I.D.  Get basic parlor management plus milk weight evaluation with DairyPlan C21.

  • GEA Milking & Cooling - Parlor Stalls

  • AutoRotor - Model Magnum 90 Series - Rotary Milking Systems

    AutoRotor - Model Magnum 90 Series - Rotary Milking Systems

    For over two decades rotary parlors have revolutionized dairy production around the world - by increasing cow flow, reducing labor and improving overall operating efficiency. The GEA Farm Technologies AutoRotor Magnum 90 is the next generation of high efficiency rotary parlors.

Products by Agromatic Inc

  • Kraiburg Rubber- Cow Comfort

  • WINGFLEX - Stall Mats

    WINGFLEX - Stall Mats

    The profile element (wing and supporting stud) create an extremely stable, wear resistant and flexible mat.  WINGFLEX adjusts easily to the lying cow while also providing her the firmness she needs when getting up and lying down.  Sealing lips around the outside edge completely surround the mat and prevent dirt and bedding from getting underneath.

  • KURA - Flooring Mats

    KURA - Flooring Mats

    Improve traction, animal health and overall comfort with KURA flooring from Kraiburg.  Comfort, traction and quality unmatched by any other flooring on the market. Discover the quality of Kraiburg.

  • Barn and Parlor Equipment- Ventilation & Curtains

  • Agro-Breeze  - Model 53 - Panel Fan

    Agro-Breeze - Model 53 - Panel Fan

    Standard 1 HP, single or three phase U.S. motor. 6 blades – quiet, smooth operation. Belt can be changed without removing fan blades. Equipped with automatic belt tensioners. Bess Labs Certified - Meets energy rebate requirements!

  • Model 72 - Cyclone Plus Fan

    Model 72 - Cyclone Plus Fan

    Uses a 3 H.P. Motor. Available in 1 PH or 3 PH. Six aluminum blades. Six adjustable deflectors optimize air throw and direction. Variable speed options available

  • Barn and Parlor Equipment- Stalls, Gates & Chutes

  • Agromatic  - Cow Welfare Flex Stall

    Agromatic - Cow Welfare Flex Stall

    The Cow-Welfare Flex stall was designed in Denmark in 2007 and has since sold over 150,000 stalls worldwide. With patents in Europe and North America, don't be fooled by imitators, your cows know the difference!

  • Elevated Twin Beam System

    Elevated Twin Beam System

    Heavy Duty – no twisting or sagging. No cross supports touch the ground – no corrosion. Clean and simple installation. All galvanized construction. Head-to-head or single row. Only need supports every 12’. Provides ample lunge space

  • Barn and Parlor Equipment- Parlor Systems & Walls

  • Walk Through Flat Barn Parlor System

    Walk Through Flat Barn Parlor System

    Cows exit individually when they are done, no waiting for slower cows. Fast Milking – up to 56 cows per hour with 1 person in a double four! (that’s 7 to 8 cows per hour per stall). Provides rapid dairy expansion at 10-12% the cost of a parlor pit. Gravity operated – no air rams, hydraulics, or springs to depend on. Can use existing barns. Increased cow and operator comfort. Reduced labor. Flat Floor Parlor System Stalls are...

  • Roll-Up Crowd Gate

    Roll-Up Crowd Gate

    Cost-effective alternative to pusher gates. Innovative, simple design (U.S. Patent No. 5392731). Available with manual or electric drive. Easily installed in any facility up to 31’ wide and 100’ long. No hanging cords. Hanging chains rather than heavy gates. No cross bar to catch or injure animals. Heavy duty construction for years of use

  • Manure Handling Equipment- Reck

  • Hercules Mixer

    Hercules Mixer

    Robust construction features hydraulic swivel up to 170 degrees from the tractor’s seat. Can be used in large lagoons and open slurry tanks. For tractors from 170 HP to 300 HP. Large swiveling radius allows the slurry to homogenize more quickly from one position. Mixing Rod Length:  23 feet to 29.5 feet (7-9 meters). 1 3/4” PTO Connection, category 2 or 3 hitch. Hydraulic legs for stable mixing

  • Standard  - Typhoon Mixer

    Standard - Typhoon Mixer

    Available in 14.5 foot through 27 foot lengths (4.4 meters – 8.3 meters). 3-blade, high efficiency propeller quickly homogenizes surface crust and sediments. Can run up to 1,000 rpm. Attaches to standard 3-point hitch. Easy adjustment by manual spindle or hydraulic cyclinder

  • Elox100plus II  - Typhoon Mixer

    Elox100plus II - Typhoon Mixer

    Galvanized mixing tube. Easy adjustment with hydraulic cylinder. Approximate length – 37 feet (11.3 meters). Welded on triangle mast for stability

  • TORRO  - Slatted Floor Mixer

    TORRO - Slatted Floor Mixer

    Swings laterally to increase agitation area. TORRO’s 220V, 10 HP motor quickly and efficiently homogenizes sediments and surface crust. Saves you time – no need to move animals with each use!. Four wheel design allows the mixer to easily be operated and moved by one person. Motor can be lowered for quick and easy transport. Standard propeller is designed for use in . cow barns, optional swine barn propeller available!

  • Manure Handling Equipment - Agromatic Manure Auger

  • Agromatic Manure Auger

    Agromatic Manure Auger

    Maximum incline of 35%. Includes 60# roller chain drive, standard hopper, automatic roller chain oiler, safety cover,  safety hopper guard, black Agrithane liner and one coat primer with enamel finish. Available 16’, 18’, 20’, 22’ and 24’ lengths. 5 HP to 7 ½ HP recommended

  • Silage Handling Equipment

  • RECK  - Silage Spreader

    RECK - Silage Spreader

    Designed to do what a traditional push-blade can’t.  The spreader allows you to spread silage all the way to the bunker wall where it can be properly packed.  It also minimizes air introduction into the silage pile.  Both the JUMBO II and the MAGNA are PTO driven.  Both also feature 13” spreading paddles and a hydraulic swivel that allows for 20 degrees of rotation.

  • Big Foot Forage Packer

    Big Foot Forage Packer

    The new and improved Big Foot Forage Packer is designed to increase forage compaction on piles & bunkers. When fully loaded, provides over 50 psi pressure per roller. Better compaction leads to better quality feed and more storage capacity. Use less fuel and do a better job. Also provides a raking action to help level the pile.

Products by Animat Inc

  • Animat Recycled Rubber Livestock Flooring

    Animat is a well-known Canadian company that has specialized in the design and manufacture of recycled rubber flooring for the last 30 years. Our flooring has various uses in the dairy and horse industries and as anti-fatigue mats and floor protection in commercial and industrial areas.

  • Animat  - Original Rubber Mats

    Animat - Original Rubber Mats

    Animat Original rubber mats are an effective, comfortable, long-lasting and economical solution for those who want the best at an affordable price.

  • Animattress - Livestock Mattress Systems

    Animattress - Livestock Mattress Systems

    Animattress Mattress Systems offer a stall bed for most applications associated with your dairy operation. With superb Cow Comfort being our ultimate goal, we manufacture a stall bed for cows and heifers in three different configurations. Ourstall mattress can be used in either free stall applications or tie stall barns. We know what it takes to make your cows comfortable and at the same time, provide years of reliable service with a...

  • Animat Maxgrip - Rubber Livestock Mat

    Animat Maxgrip - Rubber Livestock Mat

    Introducing our new Maxgrip Mat.  This high quality rubber mat has been designed specifically for confinement barns where extra traction is the number one objective.  Producers have requested mats with additional traction to overcome slippage in challenging applications.  The new Maxgrip Mat has been designed to accomplish these goals and yet maintain the level of comfort that Animat provides for...

  • Animattress  - Model III - Stall Bed Mattress Systems

    Animattress - Model III - Stall Bed Mattress Systems

    The new Animattress III stall bed is a revolutionary mattress for your stalls.  It was designed for tie stall barns specifically but can be used in free stall barns as well.  It is so easy to install, you can do it yourself! The familiar pebble-top surface that is an Animat trademark is bordered by a sturdy rim and alternately-sized rubber cones on the underside for strength, support and comfort.  This durable mattress will give you...

  • Animat - Utility Mat

    Animat - Utility Mat

    The Animat Utility Mat is a heavy duty rubber flooring, 1/4” thick durable rolled rubber mat. The perfect solution to protect your floor, it can be use inside or outside and it is virtually odorless. Its anti-slip properties provide comfort and increases stability. This easy to use rubber flooring has many applications. Many sizes are available,