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  • Moving Gutter System

  • Gutter Trolley

    Gutter Trolley

    We can provide two types of gutter trolley: manual or automatic. If there is passage and space to walk between the lines, we offer the manual gutter trolley – if there is no passage between the lines, we offer an automatic. The gutter trolley transports the gutters from harvesting end to transplanting end. The trolley drives on pipes that are fitted on the gutters. All gutter trolleys are constructed in aluminium to secure the lowest weight...

  • Gardening Technology - Machines for Mobile Bench/Packing Plant

  • Narrow - Robot Mobile Bench System

    Narrow - Robot Mobile Bench System

    We produce robots that pick up or put down the plants from the mobile benches on the narrow part of the bench. It can be either potted plants or tomatoes-/cucumber plants that stand in Grodan blocks. It may be handling of small pots that are to be either picked up or put into cups for them to be easier transportable. The robots can pick plants up from a potting machine and put them onto a table. The same robot may then pick them back up and transport...

  • Gardening Technology - Intern Transportation

  • Roller Conveyor

    Roller Conveyor

    We make differents types of roller conveyors depending on the needs and demands of our clients.