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Since it was founded in the late 60s, G.R. di Remo Gamberini has been consolidating in the “Made in Italy` agricultural machinery sector, celebrating its 40th anniversary in 2008 and constantly oriented to the application of new technologies in agriculture. Undoubtedly, the pride and joy of our production are sulphur pneumatic dusters, “the real ones”, manufactured since the early 70s and that, gained significant recognition from institutions, and more important, from users and technicians. Our competitors have also recognised our achievements. In fact, they have copied some of our products but have not succeeded in attaining the quality and performance standards of our GR100 / GR200 pneumatic duster. With capacity from 25 kg to 600 kg (780 litres), our pneumatic dusters represent, undoubtedly, the most complete range in today’s market, also due to the availability of specific heads for different types of treatment. Another cutting edge article of G.R. GAMBERINI production are sprayers

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They are manufactured following the quality standards that highlight soundness and reliability along time, thanks to the certified material used. Wheeled sprayers fall into this category, from the super handy 500-litre model to the 3200-litre one used for large orchards; a special reference should be made to the L40 GOLD EDITION, limited edition wheeled model featuring top-range specifications and approved for road traffic when fully loaded. As regards mounted devices, as well as units and low volume, the new REVOLUTION series has revolutionised the production schemes, unifying the three product lines and adding important technical and research solutions to the finished products, to the full benefit of users. Since January 2009, the brand-new ROCK series is available, with a capacity of 400 litres and only 99 centimetres high (!) particularly suitable to arbour training systems and for those who want an ultra compact machine. Nonetheless, our studies on low volume that started in the 70s have led G.R. GAMBERINI to produce a series of mist blowers with a high quality turbine unit. This is the result of mature experience and important investments aimed at using high quality materials, such as stainless steel, brass and in particular, aluminium for the lead nut and for many of the modular sprayer heads. In particular note the 'wraparound effect” low volume equipment for treating two or three vineyard rows at the same time, and the new mounted low volume REVOLUTION series model, ideal for complex vineyards, thanks to its low centre of gravity and only 105 centimetres of depth (a record for the category), that renders it easy to handle and versatile. 

The professional weeding sprayer systems have also been developed with the same constructive care, and thanks to the industrial collaboration of suppliers always leading the way on research, we are able to offer technologically advanced solutions and accessories, such as electro-hydraulic control bars, or computerised distribution control or air/liquid mixer nozzles, and last but not least, the simplest units with manual bars available in different sizes and versions.     

We do not forget the components we produce for other national and international manufacturers, which together with garden and greenhouse applications, such as units with motor-pumps and other accessories for crop spraying, complete the wide range of G.R. GAMBERINI products, all of them EC marked.                 

The company’s motto “first of all, quality', our production flexibility and care for accessories (the advantage of an artisan-made production rather than machines produced in an industrial assembly line), has brought recognition and appreciation within the Italian market as well as abroad; we export to the five continents and build significant bonds with each and every dealer and foreign importer, who represent our true wealth. Our machines for plant protection and cultivation are synonymous of quality, solidness and reliability along time.