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  • Air Blast Orchard Sprayers

  • Mounted Sprayers

    Mounted Sprayers

    The maximum flexibility of G.R. GAMBERINI finds in the mounted orchard sprayers one of its highest expressions, thanks to the two recent innovations introduced in this category.

  • Model L40 - Trailed Sprayers

    Model L40 - Trailed Sprayers

    The L40 orchard sprayer is indisputably one of the G.R. production battle horses. It was also produced in limited edition L40 GOLD EDITION to celebrate the fortieth anniversary of the company, with only 100 numbered units with top-of-the-range features (ie fiberglass tank with washbasin, pump and brass handle, road homologation full load, …). The same features and customizations are available on the entire range of trolleys,...

  • Pneumatic Dusters

  • Model GR 25, 50, 75 & 100 - Pneumatic Dusters

    Model GR 25, 50, 75 & 100 - Pneumatic Dusters

    In pneumatic dusters of G.R. GAMBERINI, through the lever with a relative graduated scale on the side of the machine, has the regulation of the pneumatic air-dust mixing by the turbine, then by applying the correct rotation speed, 450 ÷ 500 real, the dispensing will be constant from It begins at the end of the treatment due to the constant volume of the tank made from the inner lid.

  • Low Volume Sprayers

  • Mounted Low Volume Sprayers

    Mounted Low Volume Sprayers

    Polyethylene tank with ultra-violet inhibitor, in accordance with EU directives /fiberglass tank upon request). Hot galvanized steel chassis. Diaphgram high pressure pump. Double brass pressure control with open/close control on tractor (electrical control upon  request). External suction filter with valve for filling the tank and cleaning thr circuit.

  • Weeding Sprayer

  • Mounted Sprayers

    Mounted Sprayers

    PROFESSIONAL MOUNTED: hot galvanized bent tube frame, polyethylene tank with integrated handwash and washing-circuit, pump with patented system and blueflex® membranes, volumetric control on frame, external intake filter with self-filling valve, hydraulic mixer, rear slides, designed for mechanical or hydraulic weeding bars and other accessories for professional weeding. APULIA MOUNTED: with the same...

  • Trailed Systems

    Trailed Systems

     Large structure to tackle intensive working loads, fixed and protected tanks, prime components and accessories: these are the brief but important characteristics of the trailed weeding sprayer systems manufactured by G.R. GAMBERINI SRL, that pay attention to structural solidity and reliability of the machine as well as to the minimum details.