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  • Air Blast Orchard Sprayers

  • Mounted Sprayers

    Mounted Sprayers

    G.R. GAMBERINI maximum flexibility is one of the most important characteristics of these mounted sprayers, thanks to two recent innovations introduced in this category.Revolution is the professional line with hi-tech frame and compact tank that includes a hand-washing system and circuit washing tank, available in 5 capacities and with several devices. Rock is G.R.’s latest product and it is considered the most compact 400-litre sprayer in the...

  • Trailed Sprayers

    Trailed Sprayers

    Unquestionably, L40 sprayer is one of the most successful products manufactured by G.R.. This year, the Company has produced a limited edition L40 GOLD EDITION to celebrate the Company fortieth anniversary, with just 100 numbered units with high range characteristics (fibreglass tank with washing circuit system, brass pump and control, approval for road traffic when fully loaded, etc.) The same characteristics and customised details are available for...

  • Pneumatic Dusters

  • Model GR25 , GR50 , GR75 - Pneumatic Dusters

    Model GR25 , GR50 , GR75 - Pneumatic Dusters

    Powder coating, Poly-v belt drive and high efficiency steel turbine, two adjustable outputs for vertical trellis and arbour training systems. Pneumatic distribution system, with sulphur suction system from above, that allows for constant product spraying from beginning to end of treatment. Capacity: 25, 50 and 75 kilograms. (32, 65 and 96 litres, respectively).

  • Model GR100 - GR200 - GR400 - GR600 - Pneumatic Dusters

    Model GR100 - GR200 - GR400 - GR600 - Pneumatic Dusters

    Steel tubular frame and moulded sheet protected by glazing at 180ºC (GR100 and GR200 available also with stainless steel box and heat galvanised tubular frame), transmission with rpm multiplier in oil bath, high air capacity steel turbine, independent closing fans, adjustable lead nut with high and down output. Powder is dosed with intake air / powder mixing system, with constant product spraying from beginning to end of...

  • Model GR200  - Pneumatic Dusters

    Model GR200 - Pneumatic Dusters

    Similar characteristics to GR200, with high efficiency steel turbine oversized to 500 LT, with dosing unit remote control and hydraulic special head adjustable in height and extensible telescope, with hydraulic pipes kit with quick coupling.

  • OMER  - Model 2000 - Dusters

    OMER - Model 2000 - Dusters

    Polyethylene tank, 70 kg or 100 kg, heat galvanised steel tubular frame, with three point linkage for any hydraulic lifter, transmission with rpm multiplier in oil bath, new design (2008), side adjustable fans and independent closing with sulphur output pipe, Ø 100 mm. Working concept: powder is dosed thanks to a lever with gravity system (with agitators inside the tank), then, it is sucked by the turbine, sprayed and ejected.

  • Low Volume Sprayers

  • Mounted Low Volume Sprayers

    Mounted Low Volume Sprayers

    With REVOLUTION frame and tank, with capacities of 400 / 500 / 600 / 750 and 800 litres, the low volume is characterised as a high professional product, ideal for medium and large size agricultural undertakings that are seeking to save both time and product.Heads modular feature allows producing machines that satisfy customer’s demands, according to the type of vineyard or orchard to treat, besides the characteristics of the...

  • Trailed Low Volume Sprayers

    Trailed Low Volume Sprayers

    Technical characteristics similar to the mounted model, with the advantage of tank increased capacity (available in polyethylene or fibreglass) and also more flexibility to have modular heads to treat any type of vineyards and orchards.

  • Wraparound Low Volume Sprayers

    Wraparound Low Volume Sprayers

    Hydraulic or electro-hydraulic control for closing / opening, sprayer heads adjustable in height and length between rows. Solenoid valve supply control with remote push-button panel in cab, able to control also hydraulic supply. The arms close towards the rear part, and facilitate closing so as to avoid obstacles and re-opening when entering the rows!

  • Weeding Sprayer

  • Mounted Systems

    Mounted Systems

    The weeding sprayer systems follow the G.R. GAMBERINI’s motto imprinted on the quality and structural solidness of its products. They are small units with mechanical bars as well as professional systems with hydraulic bars. Their common feature is the presence of a resistant hot galvanised frame suited for the application of bars as well as of the entire series of professional accessories typical of the weeding sector, such as pre-mixers,...

  • Trailed Systems

    Trailed Systems

     Large structure to tackle intensive working loads, fixed and protected tanks, prime components and accessories: these are the brief but important characteristics of the trailed weeding sprayer systems manufactured by G.R. GAMBERINI SRL, that pay attention to structural solidity and reliability of the machine as well as to the minimum details.