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  • Commercial Fishing

    Commercial Fishing

    Gael Force’s roots are firmly established in the Commercial Fishing market. We supply equipment for inshore, coastal and ocean going vessels – both manufactured by ourselves and specially sourced from approved suppliers to offer a one-stop shop for commercial fishing boat owners throughout the UK and Europe.

  • Commercial Marine

    Commercial Marine

    The commercial marine side of our operations has developed from our involvement in supplying commercial fishing equipment. As a principal UK supplier of heavy duty, commercial fishing products for many years, it was a natural progression for us to extend our market to include commercial marine customers as many of the products used are common.

  • Leisure Marine

    Leisure Marine

    Gael Force are recognised today as one of the leading leisure marine equipment retailers in the UK … and that is after entering the market sector just 8 years ago. We have achieved this rapid rate of penetration through committed investment and following the same business approach as we have done in the other marine markets which we serve – understand the market and products and deliver consistent, high level service and value for...