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  • The McGowans, Perthshire, Scotland

    The McGowans, Perthshire, Scotland

    The McGowans’ Gaia-Wind turbine powers their water bore hole; cattle sheds; and farmhouse and has given them control over their rising electricity bills. Purchased turbine: March 2010 Average annual energy production: 21,170 kWh Predicted ...

  • Stuart Stephen, Aberdeenshire, Scotland

    Stuart Stephen, Aberdeenshire, Scotland

    Excellent energy production from his Gaia-Wind turbine means that Stuart Stephen has managed to reduce his quarterly energy bills by up to 75% on his Aberdeenshire farm. Purchased turbine: January 2011 Average annual energy production: 43,000kWh ...

  • Arable farm in Cornwall

    Arable farm in Cornwall

    With large quantities of wind, the owner of this arable farm in England exploits the opportunities to produce his own energy and sell surplus back to the grid. Project cost: £62,000 - Estimated payback time: 6-7 years - Best monthly ...