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  • Horticultural Products

  • Venlo Greenhouses

    Venlo Greenhouses

    Gakon supplies custom made greenhouses to meet all your requirements. It could be a small extension or a completely new project including working area and associated equipment. We produce theVenlotype of greenhouse. This type is known for its solid structure, excellent light yields and extensive ventilation possibilities. TheVenlogreenhouse is also advantageous with respect to dimensions. The modular construction means that modifications and...

  • Cabrio - Model XLR - Cabriolet Greenhouses System

    Cabrio - Model XLR - Cabriolet Greenhouses System

    Thanks to the cabrio-greenhouse with its opening roof, your plants benefit from maximum ventilation. In the meantime the cabrio-greenhouse has proved to be a very appropriate invention. Demand for the Cabriolet system is substantial and is specifically for growing trees, outdoor plants and bedding plants.

  • Garden Centers

    Garden Centers

    Garden centre production is a speciality at Gakon. We have designed and built various garden centres for businesses in theNetherlandsand in other countries.  Gakon realizes the total project in accordance with your requirements. Whatever your demands, we ensure a solid structure with excellent light yields and extensive ventilation possibilities. There are also very many options with regard to dimensions. It is therefore possible to make...

  • Climate Solutions

  • Eco Greenhouse

    Eco Greenhouse

    Our Eco greenhouse has an integrated solution for regulating the climate. The Eco greenhouse can be used for all types of climates and level of heat volumes. You grow in a conditioned environment where the dehumidifying, energy-savings and CO2 dosing are all closely regulated. Employing our Eco greenhouse integrated solutions, it is possible to achieve the climate needed for the plants, as well as optimal volumes of light. Heating, cooling, screening,...

  • Steel & Aluminium

  • Model W4  - Greenhouse Roof System

    Model W4 - Greenhouse Roof System

    A greenhouse protects crops against harmful external influences, such as heat, cold, wind and rain. To optimize this protection, Gakon together with its partners, has added rubber tot the gutter and the ridge of the greenhouse roof, along with the already proven W-rubber wich is already present in the roof bar. This reduces the risk of glass damage and limits natural venilation to a minum. This roof system already meets the requirements of the...