Gasolec B.V.

Gasolec B.V. are a worldwide leading producer of gas-fired infrared heating systems and of our unique monochromatic light concept. In 1955 Gasolec B.V. was founded in The Netherlands with the aim to produce and sell gas heaters for the poultry and pig market. Being one of the oldest producers in the market, Gasolec has for more than 50 years designed and developed its own heaters through their own Research & Development department. The products comply with the highest standards in the market. Through a continuous search for improvements Gasolec is able to fulfill the needs of their customers.

Company details

Griekenlandweg 3, PO Box 183 , Bodegraven , South Holland 2411 PZ Netherlands

Locations Served

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Agriculture - Poultry
Market Focus:
Globally (various continents)
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This company also provides solutions for other industrial applications.
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In 1956 the first heaters in the S-series were produced and in 1985 the M-series were introduced to the market. A major development was the introduction of the G-series, a canopy heater, which has been in full production since 2000.

In 1992 the sister company Gasolec America Inc. was established for sales in North, Central and South America.

In 1998 a completely new product line was added to the portfolio: monochromatic light.

During its 50-year of existence Gasolec has become a renowned name in the market. Supplying all over the world from South Africa to Siberia and from Indonesia to the United States.
Gasolec has a few simple guiding principles towards its customers:

  • deliver the best value for money
  • focus on a long time relationship through good sales support, service & maintenance
  • always deliver high quality through our products and our way of working
  • minimize the stock of complete heaters and light units at the dealers by realizing short delivery times through flexible production processes
  • be able to customize heaters to the local needs

 Gasolec focuses itself to be a top-specialist in heating and lighting for the intensive livestock industry, which is the only way to fulfill the high requirements of the customers.
Being a small, dedicated company, Gasolec has two channels towards the market:

  1. Through a dealer network, import companies or trade companies.
  2. Through turnkey suppliers.

The most common construction is one representative (e.g. dealer) for the whole Gasolec product portfolio per country. This representative serves a major part of the market or is able to realize this position within reasonable time. Gasolec does not deliver directly to end-users.
If you don’t know the name of the dealer who is representing Gasolec in your area, you can contact us and we will help you further.
Turnkey players use our products as part of their whole concept. Our products go to their home base where all goods for the project are collected and distributed to anywhere in the world.