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  • Infrared Heating

  • Gasolec - Model S - Heaters

    Gasolec - Model S - Heaters

    Gasolec started in the heating business with the production of the S-type, with its characteristic cast iron burner chamber and a ceramic burner plate.  A successful heater still considered as a good, relatively inexpensive and reliable brooder for the animal production. Around 2 million S-heaters have been produced sofar and production continues! Standard with a stainless steel filter and an Heavy Duty filter is optional.

  • Monochromatic Light

  • Gasolec - Model IPL - Light System

    Gasolec - Model IPL - Light System

    The Gasolec IPL Light System is known as the Intelligent Poultry Light System as it is based on electronic adapters with build in intelligence and it is available since 2010. The IPL system is out of the delivery program, in its place there is the OrionLED 14W System! Contact Gasolec B.V. for IPL parts and/or other items that are still available!