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  • Agriculture

    The Netherlands has always been an agricultural county with a long and prominent knowledge culture in the field of slurry storage. This knowledge and legislation has international esteem and is increasingly being adopted throughout Europe as a standard. After its founding in 1951, Genap was involved from the very outset with the use of silage clamp covers and plastic foils in the agricultural sector. Our relationship with the agricultural sector is also reflected in our name, Genap, which is an

  • Genap - Slurry Silos

    Genap - Slurry Silos

    The silo consists of corrugated steel plates. These are hot zinc dipped and fully coated with a polyurethane coating.

  • Genap - Airhat for Slurry Storage

    Genap - Airhat for Slurry Storage

    The Airhat is a cover manufactured from high quality, watertight, reinforced PVC foil. This foil has a high resistance to heat and UV-radiation.

  • Genap - Tensioned Roof for Slurry Silo

    Genap - Tensioned Roof for Slurry Silo

    THE solution for covering round silos. A tensioned silo roof is an excellent way to cover a slurry silo. This cover can be used for steel, concrete and wooden silos. The materials used are resistant to slurry and wastewater.

  • Genap - Slurry Reservoir

    Genap - Slurry Reservoir

    A very simple but effective method of storage of slurry is an open pit lined with foil. The reservoir is easy to dig and the excavated soil is used as embankment. For the lining of the reservoir we offer Fecatex®, a KIWA certificated PVC foil. We can also supply other foils on request.

  • Genap - Silage Clamp Covers

    Genap - Silage Clamp Covers

    We supply Genafil protective sheets to protect silage clamp foil used or covering valuable silage. Genafil is a strong, fine-mesh, open woven fabric which has been tested under the most extreme weather conditions. The material has high UV resistance and its expected lifespan under normal use is a minimum of 10 years. The covers are available in standard lengths of 10 and 15 m x 8/9/10 and 12 metres wide in green.

  • Genap - Slurry Horticulture Silos

    Genap - Slurry Horticulture Silos

    Genap has been supplying and installing storage solutions for water and slurry for 60 years, like storing slurry in a slurry silo which is a steel silo, coated on two sides, and fitted with a plastic lining. The horticulture silo consists  of modular constructed corrugated sheets and is supplied up to a diameter of 32 metres and a capacity up to as much as 2,000m3. There is no need for a crane when erecting the silos....

  • Genap Genafil - Silage Clamp Linings

    Genap Genafil - Silage Clamp Linings

    These days, our Genafil® protective lining is an essential part of the agricultural landscape. A great many farmers use it to cover mown grass or cut maize. Genafil® is a fine-mesh woven fabric that is applied over the agricultural foil and weighed down using sand bags, after which it is tensioned using Trevira band. This is an excellent and proven method for ensuring optimum protection for you silage.