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  • Water Treatment Media Solutions

    Genesis Water Technologies, Inc. is a leading supplier of specialized water treatment media for municipal, commercial and industrial applications. Our specific treatment medias resolve specific water treatment, bioremediation/absorption, and horticulture growth issues. Our products comply with AWWA standards and our medias used for drinking water purposes have the requisite NSF certification for these purposes. We serve clients throughout the US and around the world through our network of au

  • GWT Series Agro-Z - Specialized Agro-Soil Additive

    GWT Series Agro-Z - Specialized Agro-Soil Additive

    Zeolite based fertilizers are known to be 'smart fertilizers' due to the high cation exchange capacity (CEC) and porous crystalline structure. Zeolite is the only negatively-charged mineral in existence in the world, for these purposes it has therefore has significant uses across a wide range of applications and in particular in Agriculture applications. Zeolite has a known ability to act as a natural slow release mechanism of nutrients to the root...