Genotop AS

Our mission is to provide solutions to aqua-breeders and farmers through genetics innovation and excellence. You work with fish, crustaceans or shellfish and you want to produce genetically improved livestocks. Genotop will help you: To define your breeding objectives, to experiment independent and sustainable consultancy in genetics, to build your strategy, to estimate the cost of your breeding program, to define a multi-trait index for your program, to manage your multiplication, to get the best compromise between efficiency and inbreeding, to precisely design complex mating plans.

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11 Avenue Sainte Marie , Saint Malo , Brittany 35400 France

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Agriculture - Aquaculture
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Internationally (various countries)

Thanks to innovative breeding programs, you will be able to propose to your customers

  • To reduce their production cost
  • To improve disease resistance
  • To improve the use of diets
  • To reduce the use of medication
  • To produce appropriate stocks for restocking
  • To increase processing yields