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Products by Agronic Oy

  • Agriculture Balers

  • Agronic - Model MidiVario - Round Baler

    Agronic - Model MidiVario - Round Baler

    The AGRONIC MidiVario 85-100 is the baler wrapper combination for midibales. Midibales are the perfect solution for (small) farmers and horse-owners. Because of its dimensions and weight is it very suitable for small areas or hilly terrain. It also requires little power, this makes it appropriate for small tractors. Machine has a variable bale chamber with adjustable densities. Bale weight depends on...

  • Agronic - Model MR820 & MR1210 - Maize Baler

    Agronic - Model MR820 & MR1210 - Maize Baler

    The AGRONIC MR 820 & MR 1210 MultiBaler are the perfect, easy to use balewrapper combinations for round bales. Widely known in the compacting industry all over the world. Two machine versions, each for specific users. AGRONIC MultiBalers compact a wide variety chopped materials such as maize, sugar beetpulp, TMR, grass, alfalfa, straw, peat and many other organic products in round bales. The end-product; high density bales, ensures a good quality...

  • Agronic - Model MidiVario 85/100 - Round Baler

    Agronic - Model MidiVario 85/100 - Round Baler

    The AGRONIC MidiVario 85/100 is a small, compact round baler with big performance that has become the obvious alternative to traditional square baling. Because of its dimensions it is very suitable for small areas and for hilly terrain. The machine requires low horsepower, this makes it appropriate for small tractors from 60 hp. The AGRONIC MidiVario 85/100 produces the perfect bale in different sizes from 520-670...

  • Wrappers

  • Agronic - Model MR 810 - Small Maize Baler Wrapper

    Agronic - Model MR 810 - Small Maize Baler Wrapper

    The AGRONIC MR 810 is a small maize balerwrapper combination with high capacity for making round bales of maize, sugar beetpulp, chopped grass and straw and other fibre products. The round bales with a size of 85x85cm are ideal for horseowners and small farmers. The baleweight will vary from 350kg in fresh maize till 450kg in old silomaize depending on the dry matter. Bales of maize or any other product product is an easy commodity to...

  • Wagons

  • Agronic - Model 140s 4WD - Feeder Wagons

    Agronic - Model 140s 4WD - Feeder Wagons

    A compact feeder wagon with low power consumption. Suitable for round bales and block silage. The Agronic 143S self-loads the bale or block silage and feeds to both sides. Slices of any size can be cut, and the chop length is always perfect. The wagon is light and easy to maneuver. All functions are hydraulically operated and controlled via two joysticks apart from the conveyor and double pump which are controlled via pedals. All...

  • Slurry Tankers

  • Agronic - Slurry Tanker

    Agronic - Slurry Tanker

    Agronic slurry tankers are made for professional users. Thanks to the unique chassis and tank design the centre of gravity is very low.This make the machine very stable when spreading on hilly ground. Ground clearance is still 40 cm (15.75”)..Placing the tank in front of the axles ensures that there is always sufficient weight on the drawbar. The width of the tanker is only 274 cm (9ft) with 700 mm tyres and a standard tandem axle. Transport on...

  • Pump

  • Agronic - Model PDH-10  - Silage Additive Pump

    Agronic - Model PDH-10 - Silage Additive Pump

    PDH-10 additive pump is meant for pumping and dosing commonly used silage additives needed in various cases of agricultural production. Pump is capable of delivering 10 l/min (2,6 bars). PDH-10 dosager is developed in co-operation with demanding farm contractors. Our goal is to manufacture efficient, accurate, durable and reliable dosing pump. Dosers enclosure is made of stainless steel (A4/316). Nozzles and clamps are made of same durable material....

  • Water and Slurry Pumps

  • Agronic  - Model LP 125  - Tractor-Operated Manure Slurry Pump

    Agronic - Model LP 125 - Tractor-Operated Manure Slurry Pump

    Agronic LP 125 is a tractor-operated two-phase flow slurry pump. A hydraulic pump at the end of a hose efficiently pumps slurry to a six-winged PTO pump which again pumps the slurry forward. Pumping is possible in places which are inaccessible for regular pumps. The hydraulic pump is detachable so it can also be used separately. A moveable and foldable boom unit, which can be used e.g. for filling a tank, is available as an accessory.

Products by Ritchie Ltd

  • Ritchie Cattle Products

  • Ritchie - Calf Creep Feeder

    Ritchie - Calf Creep Feeder

    Robust all steel construction. Full length trough fed from approx. 300kgs capacity hopper. Bird-proof hopper filled from weatherproof, easily operated, sliding door at the rear of the feeder. Adjustable header rail to keep out cows. Fitted with skids for easy movement Recommended to be fixed down in exposed locations. Internal Specifications: Length 2440mm, Width 1930mm, Height 1400mm.

  • Ritchie - Basic Cattle Handling Crate

    Ritchie - Basic Cattle Handling Crate

    This basic cattle crate is hot dipped galvanised and offers the stockman an adjustable manual yoke, operable from either side. There is good access to stock all around the crate and it is fitted with rear lugs to attach to race-way hurdles.

  • Feeding Products

  • Ritchie - Barley Beef Feeder

    Ritchie - Barley Beef Feeder

    Manufactured from 1.6mm Steel Plate. Supports up to 1250Kgs. Capacity. Full Width two-part lid for easy filling. Forklift Sockets and Lifting Lugs fitted for easy Handling. Painted Finish Only.

  • Ritchie - Bottomless Feed Ring

    Ritchie - Bottomless Feed Ring

    Robust easy to handle feed ring. 18 wide feed spaces. Diameter makes it easier for young stock to feed. Solid sheet metal skirt ribbed for strength. All welded fabrication. Supplied in two easy sections for easy 6 bolt assembly. Hot dipped galvanised.

  • Ritchie Lamb Feeding Equipment

  • Ritchie - Lamb Creep Hurdle

    Ritchie - Lamb Creep Hurdle

    Robustly constructed from tubular steel. The steel rollers offer 3 width settings of 150, 190 and 225 cm. Hot Dipped Galvanised Finish. Dimensions:  1200 mm x 1000 mm high.   2500 mm x 1000 mm high.