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  • Poultry Feeding System

  • Breeder Chain Feeding System

    Breeder Chain Feeding System

    Professional poultry raising equipment manufacturer. It could be adapted to any house situation. High chain speed: 36 s / min. Motor output: 1.5 kw or 2.2 kw depending of the chain length. The height of feed channel can be adjusted according to different raising period.

  • Breeder Pan Feeding System

    Breeder Pan Feeding System

    This breeder pan feeding system meets particular requirements of breeder management ideally.Only by restricted feeding of hens can both uniform physical and sexual development of birds during rearing and high long lasting reproductive capacity during the production period be achieved. It is an ideal choose of poultry management, which combines perfectly chain and pan feeding. This system takes the PTY chain with large delivery capacity as feed...

  • Sheds

  • Poultry Sheds

    Poultry Sheds

    We offer the construction of poultry sheds adapted to our client's requirements. The most commons are from 150 x 12 mts for 30,000 to 150 x 15 mts for 40,000 birds by shed and with the edge engineering for the environmental control system optimizations

  • Poultry Ventilation System

  • Hanging Fan

    Hanging Fan

    Hanging fan can be hanged directly in the bird house, no need to install in the wall. It is mainly used in the cattle or other open and semi-open livestock houses. This kind of fan has larger air flow and is easy to install.

  • Variable Speed Fan

    Variable Speed Fan

    Set the speed and the air flow according to the house's temperature, super saving design optimizations.