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  • Geroldinger - Bulk Solids Logistics Plants

    Geroldinger - Bulk Solids Logistics Plants

    Interface 1: to which our solution is to connect. Interface 2: in which you define in what quantity and time your bulk solids are to be supplied. Your bulk solid properties. The flow-related properties of your material make special demands of the technology. These often first emerge in connection with the relevant procedure steps. From the numerous applications we have realised we are aware of the requirements of many complex bulk solids.

  • Geroldinger - Control Systems

    Geroldinger - Control Systems

    Apart from using the right bulk solid technology a functionally optimised, simple-to-operate plant control system makes a significant contribution to the fulfilment of the task definition. See also general requirements of a control system from a technological point of view. Our experienced programmers know the important correlations between the mechanical and electronic components. Design limits, loads and the process-related sequence in general are...