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  • BRANDT - Model 7500HP - GrainVac

    BRANDT - Model 7500HP - GrainVac

    When it's time to move huge volumes of grain, the GrainVac 7500HP is up to any challenge. The efficient design of the GrainVac 7500HP achieves maximum capacity with only 120 horsepower. Brandt’s GrainVac technology provides high capacity and high efficiency with lower horsepower requirements. A low-cost, easy to maintain solution for cleaning out the bin.

  • BRANDT - GrainVac Pile Driver

    BRANDT - GrainVac Pile Driver

    Make clean-up quick with the Brandt GrainVac Pile Driver - the fast, easy way to move a pile of grain. The Pile Driver works like a bin sweep to pull grain steadily up to the MaxFlo Nozzle. The short hose on the vac, combined with a steady flow of grain allows the GrainVac to operate at high capacity. Hydraulic control lets you level the arm appropriately across the pile whether you are on perfectly level ground or not.

Products by Rite Way Mfg. Co. Ltd.

  • Land Rollers

  • Model LR4300 Series - Land Rollers

    Model LR4300 Series - Land Rollers

    Rite Way land roller drums are larger, so they make fewer revolutions and more efficiently press rocks into the ground without rolling the crop out ahead of it.Shorter roller sections, along with 4-way heavy-duty flexible knuckle with a 1 3/4' knuckle pin allows each roller to float independently while maintaining constant ground pressure over changing terrain.Our rollers are easily transported from field to field because they fold up narrower,...

  • Rock Pickers

  • Rock Windrowers - Model RW850 and RW1200 - Rock Picker

    Rock Windrowers - Model RW850 and RW1200 - Rock Picker

    Side delivery lets operator control size of the windrows. Handles rocks from 1 1/2' to 12' in diameter. Hydraulic cylinder controls depth and transport positions. Efficiently breaks up clumps and prepares the soil for seeding.

  • Harrow

  • Model 7100 and 8100. - Jumbo Heavy Harrow

    Model 7100 and 8100. - Jumbo Heavy Harrow

    Rite Way offers two models of Jumbo Harrows - the 7100 and the 8100.Both are designed to handle conventional tilling, minimum-till and zero-till operations. They use 9/16' x 28' tines to break and distribute straw evenly and to incorporate granular application effectively.The tine angle is adjustable hydraulically from the tractor cab so the operator may adjust the aggressiveness of harrowing to match the needs of the field.  Each harrow section...

  • Maxi Harrows

    Maxi Harrows

    The Maxi-Harrow's unique tines link together to form an immensely strong and flexible chain to remove buried residue from the soil and level the ground.For most applications, one pass with the Maxi-Harrow prepares a seedbed on minimum-till land, even where surface residue is heavy. In wet years, the Maxi-Harrow has been used successfully for seeding wheat, barley, soybeans and many other crops. In dry years, the Maxi-Harrow helps maintain moisture by...

  • Midrange Harrow

    Midrange Harrow

    Rite Way's Midrange Harrow will become the most flexible and valuable piece of equipment on your farm. While regular harrows can't provide adequate straw managment and heavy harrows may knock over and remove more reside than you would like, the Midrange provides the ideal amount of trash management.

  • One-Till - Tillage

  • ONE-Till - Tillage

    ONE-Till - Tillage

    ONE-Till can do it all – standard tillage, heavy tillage or vertical tillage. It’s all in how it’s configured and adjusted to your field conditions. The Rite Way ONE-Till will cut through the layers of trash and residue left behind from years of low-till and no-till operations. In the spring, ONE-Till will leave behind a firm, black seedbed that is warmed by the sun and ready for planting. It chops up the straw left behind from last...