We develop agricultural software solutions and ERP to easily monitor processing activities and provide product traceability and analysis.

Company details

Via Primo Maggio, 3 (internal 3) , Piove di Sacco , 35028 Italy

Locations Served

Business Type:
Software vendor
Industry Type:
Agriculture - Horticulture
Market Focus:
Internationally (various countries)

Gesag is an agricultural software developer and an information services provider, and it is currently active in developing, processing and delivering user-defined information products in Italy.

Gesag’s mission is to provide technology to the agriculture industry resulting in information and knowledge-based programs that will strengthen management decision making and production efficiency, also leveraging the latest technologies such as handheld computing.

In particular, Gesag products have been designed and developed for the following kinds of business:

  • Horticulturalists, fruit growers, winemakers
  • Wineries and oenologists
  • Traders, consultants, engineers, agronomists and subcontractors
  • Farms and supplier industries
  • Public body, faculty of agricultural sciences, laboratories

Nowadays Gesag is working hard every day to offer its customers innovative products and to introduce new management strategies in order to improve product traceability.

Gesag offers to its customers:

  • Networking and installation
  • Software setup and start-up
  • Consulting to fully exploit the corporate information system, ensuring evolution over time