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  • Bundle Handling

  • Spears Setups

    Spears Setups

    Use a typical big square bale spear system: Minimum of 3, small diameter spears, all in a horizontal row. Mount spears low position on mast: For sliding under bundles, Can still pick up bundles mid and higher. Mount spears mid position on mast: For picking up bundles mid and higher, Gives additional reach over lower spear mounting.

  • Pallet Forks

    Pallet Forks

    Works well in applications: Where you can push against the stack.  This provides the additional resistance needed for sliding the thicker fork under the bundle. When ready to get out from under the bundle you tip the forks allowing bundle to slide off.

  • Squeeze


    Works well in most applications. Depending on squeeze type bundles can be picked up broadside or from end. Great for stacking bundles across flat bed trailers for side loading. Great for field pickup, trailer loading, and storage stacking. No ground contact potential. Great for picking up big square and bundles all with the same attachment.

  • Large Square Stackers

    Large Square Stackers

    Fast bundle retrieval from field. Note that all makes and models of large square bale stackers may not work well with Bale Band-It Bundles.

  • Bundle Wagon

    Bundle Wagon

    The Bundle Wagon can easily be loaded from the back while still on the move.  Just keep pushing the next bundle on, while the Bundle Wagon moves through the field. Neither tractor stops.  Loader tractor doesn’t have to reverse, just slow down engine rpm’s and pull away.  The rear loading area allows clearance for pallet fork loading.  Load bundle on the rails, lower the pallet forks, and you are clear.  The Bundle...

  • Flat Bed Trailers

    Flat Bed Trailers

    30’ hay wagon single stacked for quick shuttle to barn. No tie downs. 7 bundles = 147 bales