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  • GFT - Tray / Batch Driers

    GFT - Tray / Batch Driers

    The drive-on batch grain dryer is very popular in Scotland, and a number of GFT Tray Driers have been installed and successfully operated throughout Aberdeenshire, and also more recently in the south west of Scotland.

  • GFT - Steel or Timber Main Air Duct

    GFT - Steel or Timber Main Air Duct

    When replacing an outdated above floor lateral, loose brick floor, under floor lateral system or wooden drying floor, the existing main air duct may be utilised if it is structurally sound and has the correct cross-sectional area.

  • Equipment

  • GFT - Grain Drying System

    GFT - Grain Drying System

    The specific requirements of each grain drying system - such as the speed at which the store will be filled, the storage depth, noise levels and power availability of the site - are considered before recommending the size and type of grain drying fan unit. Grain drying fans may be operated using a basic relative humidity and temperature controller that turns the fans on and off, depending upon the relative humidity and temperature of the ambient air...