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  • Tub Feeders

  • Compact - Tub Feeders

    Compact - Tub Feeders

    Flexible, compact and efficient - Compact models are medium sized machines with all the advantages of larger models. Compact models are particularly suited to buildings where space is restricted, due to their reduced dimensions. Easy handling, simple to use, low purchase and running costs yet efficient performance - an ideal solution. These machines feed 30 to 100 cows per hopper filling. The Compact range comes standard with a front...

  • Premium - Tub Feeders

    Premium - Tub Feeders

    For the demands of modern farms - Premium models are designed for heavy duty longterm use. The models are high quality with versatile options such as 2-speed gearbox, 4 point weighing system, steps and viewing platform plus heavy duty chassis. These machines can feed 40 to 100 cows per hopper filling. A standard cross conveyor for discharge to either side of the machine is offered. The twin hydraulic motors, with one motor mounted on each side of the...

  • Slurry Tankers

  • Slurry Tankers

    Slurry Tankers

    All our Slurry tankers are manufactured using 6mm high quality steel. Internal implosion rings are fitted to all tanks and fitting to an 8mm full length chassis ensuring maximum support and balance. This enables spreading systems to be mounted to the Tank while maintaining the stability of the tank. ? All fitting on the Tanker are galvanized ensure years of service. Inspection door at the side of the tanker enables the fitting of the spreading...

  • Lorry Bodies

  • Flat Bed/ Beaver Tailer Body

    Flat Bed/ Beaver Tailer Body

    Our range of flat bed and beaver tail Lorry bodies are manufactioned to the customers specifations. Ask for details on the available options. The Body can be painted or galavinsed with a range of options for the floor. Ramps can be fitted a work on hydaulics with a remote control option.

  • Livestock Body

    Livestock Body

    Our range of livestock Lorry Bodies are built to the highest standards. Heavy duty construction and careful design taking into the customers specifactions. A large range of options are available such as decks, doors and finishes. Can be manufactured using box section or flats on the sides. The Body can be galvanised or painted, and using a heavy gauge of Alumumim sides for long life and to elimate damage to side panels.

  • Trailers

  • GH Engineering - Flat Bed and Bale Trailer

    GH Engineering - Flat Bed and Bale Trailer

    Comes in a range of sizes or as low loader. Heavy duty axles and large brake with a heavy constucted chassis this trailer will last a life time. Can take other type of bodies, such as livestock bodies.

  • GH Engineering - Livestock Trailers

    GH Engineering - Livestock Trailers

    Options of sides, decks, size and finish. A option of hydraulic decks can be fitted for easy loading of livestock. Strong construction and heavier sides, so that sides do not become dented.

  • Attachments

  • Front End Loader Stone Fork

    Front End Loader Stone Fork

    This Stone Fork comes with Front end Loader attachments. Heavy duty construction with high quality tines. Most types of loader attachments are available. Comes standard at 8 FT though other sizes are available.