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  • GICOM- Composting Systems- Waste Treatment

  • Compost Fertilizer and Soil Amendment

    Compost Fertilizer and Soil Amendment

    For each land, region, waste stream and application of compost other quality standards apply for compost or biological dried waste material. GICOM customers market their compost under the most stringent norms, such as BOOM and BRL (NL), Vlaco (B), RAL (D), PAS 100 (UK and Ireland), EPA and DEP (USA and Australia). The GICOM system was the first system that got approval on the German market. In other countries as well, the GICOM system has always...

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  • Manure Processing System

    Manure Processing System

    The drying and sanatizing of manure in tunnels is a technique developed by GICOM. By starting the compostingproces in the tunnels the manure is pasteurised and for an important part biologically dried. When the biology slows down the drying process is continued automatically with thermal heat. In several days manure is pasteurised and dried up to compost with a low moisture content. This pasteurised and dried material can than be processed into...

  • Mushroom Growing Farms

    Mushroom Growing Farms

    GICOM designs and builds fermentation facilities for individual mushroom farms, and also for central composting facilities. Vision is a magic word in this. Because of this vision future expansions are always possible. By doing this it is always possible to produce mushroom compost even when the environment regulations are on a high level. GICOM takes benefit of the fact that lot of expertise is gained from the waste composting market. The first phase...