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  • Silage Bucket

    Silage Bucket

    The silage bucket is a machine that is designed to load and transport silage. The basic construction is a bucket with a cutter arm in order to transfer product into the container, which is driven by hydraulic piston motor. The controls are electro-hydraulic with a control panel in the driver's cabin. Hydraulic oil circulation is ensured in the carrier by means of its own reservoir. The weight when empty is 630 kg, for a capacity of 2 cubic meters.

  • Mounted Silage Harvester

    Mounted Silage Harvester

    The mounted silage harvester by Giordano is a machine that enables the loading, mixing, and distribution of corn silage into the barn (silage corn means product obtained by 'chaffing' or finely grinding the whole corn plant while still green); it can also work with other products such as barley, sorghum, and grass (ryegrass) provided that they are finely shredded. The machine is hitched onto the tractor at 3 points and is operated entirely...

  • Grain  Storage   System

    Grain Storage System

    We build complete systems for the storage and transport of grain by assembling and combining storage silos and mechanical conveyors (augers, belt conveyors, Redler conveyors, bucket elevators etc.) in order to provide a set of functional and manageable products.

  • Coffee  Storage and Transport System

    Coffee Storage and Transport System

    We manufacture systems for the storage and transport of green or roasted coffee. The silos for product storage are offered in various shapes (cylindrical, square, and prismatic) and capacities in order to optimize the available space and meet different individual customer needs. The silos are fitted with sight glass, level indicators, pneumatic or manual outlet shutters and, for roasted coffee, spiral chutes are provided to avoid bean breakage during...

  • Build Feed Systems

    Build Feed Systems

    We build feed systems in a variety of dimensions and capacities, combining different types of machinery from mixers to transporters and containers for the storage of raw materials and finished product. The general level of automation is determined by the installed electromechanical components, such as level gauges, load eels etc.