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  • Storage

  • Corrugated Metal Silos

    Corrugated Metal Silos

    These silos are suitable for the storage of granular cereals like barley, corn or hay and are built according to state-of-the-art-building techniques. The cylinder is made of 3000×866 mm structural steel sheets with galvanized sendzmir paint: all sheets are 1 to 1,5 mm thick and their uprights are assembled plying high-quality galvanized metal. Inserting a sealing bead prevents the infiltration...

  • Coffee Solutions

  • Coffee Storage and Transport System

    Coffee Storage and Transport System

    We can build an integrated system for storing and transporting green or roasted coffee. Coffee silos can be shaped in different shapes (cylinder, cube, prism) and different capacities, in order to meet the client’s specific needs. All coffee silos sport an inspection window, level indicators, manual or pneumatic shutters for the spiral-shaped discharge ports (to avoid the...

  • Feed Mills

  • Feed Mills

    Feed Mills

    We can build custom-made integrated solutions for feed milling: our fully automated machines – conveyors, containers and mixers with level indicators, weigh cells etc. – can fulfill the full production line, from the handling of raw materials to the finished product.

  • Horizontal Mixer

    Horizontal Mixer

    Horizontal Mixers are suitable for mixing granulated and dried products: Consisting of paddles or blades attached to a horizontal rotor, these mixers guarantee higher consistent homogeneity even with different specific weights. The electro-pneumatic discharge port allows easy cleaning and maintenance of the tub. These machines are used in the food and feed milling industries and are suitable to be...

  • Model MVG  - Vertical Mixer

    Model MVG - Vertical Mixer

    The MVG Vertical Mixer has been engineered to mix products of different types. They are used in feed milling and in the food and plastic materials industries. Our MVGs are built in ferric steel and upon request, stainless steel. It consists of a vertical screw rotating on side bearings. The hopper to collect the final product can be mounted above the ground or flush with the floor.

  • Conveyor

  • Model EG - Bucket Elevators

    Model EG - Bucket Elevators

    A Bucket Elevator (EG elevator) is a mechanism for hauling bulk materials (most grain or fertilizer) vertically. It consists of conveyor belts pulling buckets encased into a steel casing: the belt tension regulation system can be accessed through inspection and maintenance openings. The drive head is made with thick steel sheets bolted together, while a removable lid and an inspection hatch make...

  • Model TCG  - Chain Conveyor

    Model TCG - Chain Conveyor

    A chain conveyor is a type of conveyor system that moves bulk materials (cereals, coarse meal, granulated products in general) horizontally, for long distances. This type of machine is widely used in the animal feed and milling industries.

  • Other Products

  • Silage Facer Bucket

    Silage Facer Bucket

    The Silage Facer Bucket helps facilitate the task of loading and transporting silage. The machine is based on an extendable boom carrying a bucket with an in-built facer and a dump chest. The machine is operated through a hydraulic engine and ram: all controllers are hydroelectric and operated through a button panel in the main cabin. An independent tank fuels the hydraulic-oil system of the main vehicle.

  • Model D.P.G. - Trailed Vertical Mixer Wagon

    Model D.P.G. - Trailed Vertical Mixer Wagon

    The Vertical Mixer Wagon (or D.P.G.) facilitates the loading, mixing and distribution procedures in big farms using corn silage*. It is also suitable to work barley, sorghum and Italian ryegrass (only if finely chopped). Obtained by finely grounding or chopping green corn plants.