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  • Model VRN - Adjustable Tillers

    Model VRN - Adjustable Tillers

    The variable hydraulic pyramid vibrocultivator is apt for the cultivation of vineyards and orchards thanks to its solid structure and shock absorber system. It can be utilized in rocky lands with a variable depth of job from the10 to 25 cm. Upon request, the hydraulic translator system can be applied.

  • Model V4TI - Combined Tillers

    Model V4TI - Combined Tillers

    The range of vibrocultivators with four rows of trisecting anchors for open field, is a series of machines designed for the cultivation of very tenacious and rocky soil, it is especially used in the early ploughings with soils full of stubbles and grasses, and also for the preparation of the planting. Thanks to its system of amortized anchors, the machine allows working of surface and depth ranging from 10 to 25 Cm. The basic structure of the...