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  • Engine casing & fixed structures

  • Composite - Fan case

    Composite - Fan case

    GKN Aerospace is leading the aerospace industry in composite fan case technology development and manufacturing. Compared to metallic designs composite fan cases offer weight savings, can be designed to include fewer parts, and have demonstrated improved structural resilience. GKN Aerospace has partnered with a number of strategic OEM customers to develop our world-class capability.

  • Metallic - Fan case

    Metallic - Fan case

    GKN Aerospace is an established market leader in the design and production of metallic fan cases. GKN Aerospace pioneered the use of roll-formed and welded aluminium extrusions, with close tolerance machining and chem-milling Unistructure technology. GKN Aerospace’s technology offers significant benefits over forged and machined solutions.

  • GKN Aerospace - Frame Structures

    GKN Aerospace - Frame Structures

    GKN Aerospace has developed unique capabilities for the design, development, fabrication and assembly of lightweight engine frame structures in partnership with all the major OEMs. Fan/compressor, combustor and turbine structures are produced using our large multi-axis machining technology and specialised procesess such as automated large electron beam welding and electro-chemical machining.

  • ​Engine rotatives

  • Metallic - Fan blades

    Metallic - Fan blades

    GKN Aerospace leads the industry in fan blade manufacturing and repair capability. As a proven fan blade supplier, GKN Aerospace supplies fully finished solid and hollow fan blades to most all OEM’s. We have experience with supply chain management which is backed by our operational excellence. Our fan-blade overhaul site maintains or repairs over 50,000 fan blades a year from a wide range of operators and OEMs.

  • Brakes

  • Spring Applied Brake NFF

    Spring Applied Brake NFF

    The NFF brake is a spring actuated, electromagnetic dual area brake that brakes and vents electromagnetically in the unpowered state. The NFF brake type with its high degree of protection fulfils the highest requirements for durability and robustness. Applications: on wharf and marine cranes, in container transportation plant, for crane traversing, hoisting, and trolley traversing drives in salty atmospheres and similar harsh environments.