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  • Cattle Handling Equipment

  • Mobile Crush

    Mobile Crush

    Manual or auto headgate. Calf squeeze and rump bar standard. Six 12 foot concertina gates can hold up to 25 cattle. Cow head scoop and calf head restraint can be fitted.

  • Sheep Feeding Equipment

  • Feeding Rings

    Feeding Rings

    22 feeding spaces. Main frame: 25mm x 25mm hollow section in two halves. Available in painted or galvanised finish.

  • Lamb Creep Feeder - Single Sided

    Lamb Creep Feeder - Single Sided

    With single fold-out Glendale feeding trough, complete with lifting hooks. Main frame: 40mm hollow section.  Adjustable rails: 50mm pipe. Back and sides: steel sheet.  Roof: galvanised sheet. Length: 7ft 3in / 2.2m  Width: 3ft 11in / 1.19m  Height: 3ft / 920mm. Available in painted or galvanised finish.

  • Cattle Feeding Equipment

  • Barley Beef Feeder

    Barley Beef Feeder

    Hopper capacity: 1.06 cu m (99.43 Kg barley). Fabricated from 2mm steel plate and 100mm angle. 2.50m long, 80cm wide, 160cm high. Painted or galvanised. The hinged lid is 130cm wide to protect the feed area from the elements when closed. It opens to allow the feeder to be filled with a handler bucket.

  • Cattle Hopper Feeder

    Cattle Hopper Feeder

    18 feeding spaces. Avoids waste. Strong robust hopper made from external grade plywood. 8ft or 10ft long x 5ft 8ins wide. On skids to enable easy movement. Optional hinged door for removing waste.

  • Sheep Handling Equipment

  • Portarace


    14 feet long and adjustable in width from 1ft 6 ins to 4 feet, allowing the sheep to be worked from either outside or inside the race. When in the narrow position, the sides can be sloped inwards to fit a narrow footpath or to make the sheep approach the shedding ring in single file. The stop gate is separated from the shedding gate, allowing sheep to be stopped at speed. The open appearance encourages sheep forward to fill the race completely....

  • Sheep Race

    Sheep Race

    18 feet long and can incorporate a foot bath. Animals enter through a gate in the frame and through a sliding gate into the forcing pen. One way gates stop sheep from going back down the race. Concertina type stop gate.