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  • John Deere - Model T670 - Grain Harvesting Combine

    John Deere - Model T670 - Grain Harvesting Combine

    If producing high-quality straw for baling is your primary objective, look no further than the T670 Small Grain Combine. We engineered this Class 7 combine to provide straw quality that’s second to none, even in tough, high-yielding crops.

  • Trimax Topper - Mower

    Trimax Topper - Mower

    The Trimax Topper cuts pasture grass quickly and efficiently. Small diameter blades turning at high speed mean more cuts per meter of travel and less distance to move cut material before it is ejected. Very high underbody clearance guarantees low horsepower requirements and Trimax's exclusive Anti Block System (ABS) prevents frustrating blockages around spindles in extreme conditions. The Trimax Topper is short from front to rear to minimise leverage...