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  • Model S-2005 - Aquaculture/Aquaponics Systems

    Model S-2005 - Aquaculture/Aquaponics Systems

    Small scale aquaculture/aquaponics systems designed specifically for the first time fish farmer. Introducing the S-2005 system. A professional system you can build yourself at a very low cost. Now, you can build a state of the art aquaculture system on your property without paying the hourly cost for a design engineer or consultant. All you do is buy the blueprints. After that, you get free unlimited consulting help from construction to growing the...

  • Self Cleaning Drum Filter

    Self Cleaning Drum Filter

    The most popular and efficient type of solids filter for aquaculture systems is the self cleaning drum filter. All S-series systems are designed for either the plate filter or the drum filter and they can be interchanged, so if you begin with a plate filter you can upgrade later by removing the plate filter and putting the drum filter in it’s place.