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Products by GLOBAL Wastewater Treatment Systems, Inc.

  • GTS - Global Storage Tanks

    GTS - Global Storage Tanks

    The Global Storage Tanks offer a wide variety of applications and can be custom designed to meet individual customer needs. Our tanks are made from corrugated galvanized steel sheets that are then bolted together in the field thus reducing construction cost versus other types of storage tanks.

Products by Nebraska Engineering Company (NECO)

  • Discharge Heads/Augers

  • Vertical  Augers

    Vertical Augers

    Dual Drive: Available in 6”, 8” and 10” with vertical force feed intake boot. Dual drive can be stepped up to next size vertical auger on 6” and 8” only. Single Drive - 6” and 8” only. Drive kit, belt shield and E-Z off motor mount is standard

  • Spreaders

  • Spread-Rite - Model HC - Spreader

    Spread-Rite - Model HC - Spreader

    3hp TENV in-line motor. Available in two VFD options -230V 1ph -230V 3ph, -460V 3ph -380V 3ph. In-line gear reducer. Flow responsive choking funnel. VFD drive Is standard for spread width adjustment

  • Model SP - Spreader

    Model SP - Spreader

    Dual spreading pans allow up to 3000 BPH (SP3A), 3500 BPH (SP3A Plus) and 5400 BPH (SP4) delivery. Pans, gates and fins can be easilyadjusted from the center hatch without removing the spreader.

  • Other Products

  • Dryer Drag Converyor

    Dryer Drag Converyor

    Chain & Paddle design is gentle on grain, for higher grain quality and higher grain prices at market. Specifically designed to fit existing frame design, for fast, easy and costefficient retro-fits on 24-foot and 32-foot dryers. Engineered and manufactured using proven York conveyor experience for durable quality that will stand the test of time The perfect solution for all grains…including specialty crops!

Products by Lloyd and Meredith, Inc.