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  • Storage & Drying Systems

  • Commercial Roof Systems

    Commercial Roof Systems

    MFS/Stormor offers you a range of roof systems to match your commercial installation requirements and your budget. Every roof design has been tested for fit at the factory. All roof designs were initially assembled by our engineers before the first one shipped. This extra quality step means you don’t have to worry about dealing with a “prototype” during installation. Every bolt hole lines up. Every sheet matches. Rafters and purlins...

  • Sidewalls Commercial Storage Bins

    Sidewalls Commercial Storage Bins

    Commercial grain storage systems are no place for compromise. That’s why we use 2.66″ (6.76 cm) corrugation on every sidewall sheet—every one. It’s best for hoop load, wind load and is performance proven over the years. This corrugation specification provides more steel per square inch when compared to wider corrugation of the same thickness—and that matters when you have tons of grain inside the bin.

  • Commercial Hopper Bin Systems

    Commercial Hopper Bin Systems

    Commercial hopper bins use two external stiffeners per sidewall sheet. This approach allows transfer of tank vertical load down the stiffeners, then down the support columns to the foundation. All stiffeners are G-115(Z350) galvanized to provide 27% longer life. Most stiffeners are available from 8 gauge to 18 gauge. Stiffeners are ASTM A653 Grade 55 with 55K yield and 70K tensile strength.

  • Commercial Stairs & Ladders

    Commercial Stairs & Ladders

    Personal safety and easy accessibility are hallmarks of commercial grain storage systems from MFS/Stormor.  Thanks to our Global Industries “family” affiliation with Brownie Systems, we can offer a wide range of industry-leading stairs and ladders that are a perfect match to our commercial grain storage systems—at a competitive price.

  • Grain Handling

  • York - Grain Handling Systems

    York - Grain Handling Systems

    YORK systems are on the job in a wide range of facilities—from high-demand commercial elevators to small farming operations.

  • York - Bucket Elevators

    York - Bucket Elevators

    Selecting an appropriate YORK bucket elevator to fit a particular application depends on many factors. Some considerations include:

Products by Nebraska Engineering Company (NECO)

  • Discharge Heads/Augers

  • Vertical  Augers

    Vertical Augers

    Dual Drive: Available in 6”, 8” and 10” with vertical force feed intake boot. Dual drive can be stepped up to next size vertical auger on 6” and 8” only. Single Drive - 6” and 8” only. Drive kit, belt shield and E-Z off motor mount is standard

  • Fan

  • Centrifugal Fans

    Centrifugal Fans

    Venturi inlet cone for improved airflow. Dynamically balanced, continuously welded airfoil. Bolted design eliminates welded seams. Adjustable leveling legs

  • Heaters

  • Centrifugal Heaters

    Centrifugal Heaters

    Easily adjustable brackets. Adjustable vaporizer on liquid propane models. Plugs directly into NECO centrifugal fans. Two viewpoints for spark & flame inspection. Y-Strainers keep fuel impurities out of valves. Galvanized construction

  • Spreaders

  • Model SP - Spreader

    Model SP - Spreader

    Dual spreading pans allow up to 3000 BPH (SP3A), 3500 BPH (SP3A Plus) and 5400 BPH (SP4) delivery. Pans, gates and fins can be easilyadjusted from the center hatch without removing the spreader.

  • Other Products

  • Dryer Drag Converyor

    Dryer Drag Converyor

    Chain & Paddle design is gentle on grain, for higher grain quality and higher grain prices at market. Specifically designed to fit existing frame design, for fast, easy and costefficient retro-fits on 24-foot and 32-foot dryers. Engineered and manufactured using proven York conveyor experience for durable quality that will stand the test of time The perfect solution for all grains…including specialty crops!

  • Power Sweep

    Power Sweep

    Belt driven. Adjustable weight configurations to match bin size. Long life rubber tire. Deflector plate allows for cleaning close to bin wall. Optional on 8” models. Optional on 10” models for 18’ to 33’ diameter bins. Standard on 10” models, 36’ diameter bins and larger

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