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  • Tree Popper

    Tree Popper

    The Tree Popper eliminates the difficult and time-consuming chore of pulling seedlings one at a time by hand. No more broken stems or damaged roots. Powered by compressed air, the Tree Popper dislodges a full tray of seedlings in seconds. The Tree Popper is available for any size tray, molded plastic, or styro block. Easily operated and virtually maintenance free, the Tree Popper will save time and money season after season.

  • Chemical Sprayers

    Chemical Sprayers

    U.S. Global Resources chemical sprayers have been used by clients worldwide for a wide variety of applications. Most of the sprayers we offer were first adapted and used extensively as greenhouse sprayers but have a wide variety of other applications. Greenhouse sprayers are used for spraying pesticides, fungicides, algaecides and other uses for chemical applications in addition to greenhouses applications.

  • Crop Lighting

    U.s. Global Resources offers pl/Hotilux line of Crop Enhancment lighting systems that contribute greatly to plant growth quality in propagation of vegetable, flower, forestry and other plant species for all regions of the world.

  • Propagation Lights

    Propagation Lights

    greenhouse or growing facility. PL Lighting and USGR bring you years of experience in providing the right plant growth lights for the greenhouse, nursery and forestry industries. We are honored to add Hortilux Europe to our product line.

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  • Controls

  • VersiSTEP - Multi Zone Control System

    VersiSTEP - Multi Zone Control System

    Flexible and powerful, this multi-zone control gives you the ability to divide its 24 outputs any way you’d like between one and eight zones, and you can add sixteen additional outputs with the complementary Satellite unit. This is the perfect control for greenhouses with more equipment than will fit on an EnviroSTEP control or for growers with multiple zones.

  • STEP Up - Controller

    STEP Up - Controller

    Imagine a controller that offers simple, flexible climate management and excellent results. With the STEP Up you’ll see improved performance and increased profits. Like traditional staged controls, it’s simple to use, and we’ve added a brighter LCD screen and an upgraded user interface, both designed to improve your experience.

  • Control Switch

    Control Switch

    Switch from thermostats and save money. Research shows that using a simple, centralized control reduces energy consumption. The MiniSTEP is an easy-to-use 4-stage control. It offers more energy savings than thermostats because it uses a single temperature sensor. This prevents heating and cooling equipment from operating at the same time.

  • Ventilation

  • Model VC 2000 & 100A - Drive Units

    Model VC 2000 & 100A - Drive Units

    Take advantage of Wadsworth’s 40 plus years of experience in automating vents. Our drive units set the standard for powerful performance, smooth operation and reliability.

  • Rack and Pinion Drive Shaft Unit

    Rack and Pinion Drive Shaft Unit

    The rack and pinion connects the vent to the drive unit shaft.  As the drive unit turns the shaft, the rack pushes the vent open or pulls it closed.

  • Curtains

  • Cooling and Heat Retention Curtains Systems

    Cooling and Heat Retention Curtains Systems

    Greenhouses benefit from curtain systems during winter and summer. In the winter curtain systems offer heat retention and reduce heating costs by up to 40%. In summer, the same system offers shade, keeping customers, plants and staff cooler providing for a better crop and happier shopping.