For 70 years, the GLORIA label has stood for high-quality, technically proven sprayers. Founded in 1945 in Gütersloh, the company devoted its efforts from the outset to consistently developing pump and pressure sprayers, as well as innovative gardening products. Already a short time after the company was established, the successful history of the company started in 1947 with the production of the first GLORIA hand atomizer, which was sold with great success. Since then, GLORIA has consistently devoted its efforts to developing pump and pressure sprayers and garden products. GLORIA is one of the market leaders in the field for plant protection and plant care. What’s more, the blue and yellow units are conquering the rest of the world, step by step. Already today they are loyal helpers to garden lovers in many countries around the world.

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Därmannsbusch 7 , Witten , D-58456 Germany

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Agriculture - Horticulture
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Globally (various continents)

This company also provides solutions for other industrial applications.
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Whether in the garden, greenhouse or household, GLORIA products can be put to use everywhere. Starting with elegant but powerful hand sprayers from 0.5 to 1.25 litres, the GLORIA assortment covers a wide range of pressure sprayers made of plastic (3 to 8 litres) and includes high-performance sprayers made of steel or stainless steel (5 or 10 litres). Piston knapsack sprayers with extra large capacity (12 to 18 litres) and innovative garden products round off the range.

The practical garden products providing the customers with a wide range of garden tools. The Thermoflamm bio series for weed control without the use of chemicals offers four comfortable devices to remove annoying weeds around the house. In addition, right on time for its 70th company anniversary, GLORIA presents a product line for cleaning surfaces and joints - the BrushSystem. The assortment consists of a total of four devices: ranging from the effective joint brush to a brush with removable attachments to clean and treat various stone and wood surfaces. Consistently aspiring to always offer customers that little extra in quality and ease of use made GLORIA the driving innovator in the industry. For instance, throughout its history the company regularly set new milestones in the field of garden equipment. In the last years, the AutoPump, Thermoflamm bio or MultiBrush, caused a sensation in the sector.


For the 70th anniversary of the company, GLORIA presents a wide range of new products: the BrushSystem, the product line for cleaning and care of stone and wood surfaces.


The GLORIA MultiBrush is the comfortable helper for cleaning and treating different stone and wood surfaces, which can also be used as an effective joint brush. Everything with one device - which is very practical.


GLORIA offers a new, practical and environmentally friendly way of weed removal - the Thermoflamm bio Electro removes annoying weeds and rank growth with a heat ray of up to 650° degree.

With the new Klick&GO REFILL System, GLORIA enables its customers to handle pesticides safely. Between valve and spray lance there is a mixing head to which a cartridge containing the plant protection agent is attached. When spraying, the plant protection agent mixes with the clear water from the tank. The agent is dosed exactly and automatically.


With the piston knapsack sprayers Hobby 1200 and 1800 as well as Profi 1300 and 1800, GLORIA introduces helpers for the application in viniculture, forestry and plant care in greenhouses.  The sprayers comply with the latest ergonomic standards and reduce physical stress when applying plant protection agents.

GLORIA also presents the pressure sprayer prima 3, the new compact sprayer for smaller gardens.

Since March 2013 the battery-powered hand sprayer AutoPump Mini has been available. The fine sprayer with a filling capacity of one litre comes with a handy electric pump. And the best thing about it is the LED illuminated spray nozzle.


FoamyClean 100 – the universal helper for cleaning work in the household, garden and car. Thanks to its nozzle design, the foam sprayer generates powerful cleaning foam. Simply fill in commercially available cleaning agent, build up pressure with the hand pump, spray on large area, let the cleaning agent work and you are done!

Prima 5 Comfort
– a reliable pressure sprayer with comfortable features is launched. Large operating range thanks to a spiral hose of 2.5 m, relaxed working through the connection to an external air compressor. 


GLORIA presents trend-setting innovations for comfort and ergonomics when it comes to plant care:  the cordless electric pump AutoPump and the retrofittable connecting valve for external compressors.  

Furthermore, with the GLORIA design hand sprayers GROW, an attractive series was added to the product range, which sets new standards for aesthetics and comfort.


Spraying instead of brushing – with the pressure sprayers of the Spray&Paint series, GLORIA offers its customers a comfortable solution for painting large areas and difficult-to-access places.


Expansion of the product range by the GLORIA Hobby 125, a fully-equipped pressure sprayer with 360° spray function.  


Launch of the high-performance sprayers 405 T, 410 T, 505 T und 510 T made of steel and stainless steel. With their high-quality plastic interior coating, which protects the inside of the tank against corrosion and makes cleaning easy, the sprayers are the ideal helper in the garden or in agriculture. 


Merger of the brands BRILL and GLORIA to offer a comprehensive product range for house and garden. 


Take-over through the company BRILL Gartengeraete GmbH.


Launch of the quiet shredder Milan 


Launch of the GLORIA hose reel


Certification according to Quality Management System DIN ISO 9001 (TÜV-CERT).


First external trade relations with European neighbouring countries.


Start of production of the first GLORIA sprayer for plant protection.

The garden has become an oasis of reflection and relaxation in today’s hectic times.  We take great comfort from the sense of security it provides and the silent growing as well as the sense of pleasure we get from simply enjoying nature. One can sit back in peace, relax and enjoy the fruits of working in the garden.

Our brands will provide you with a range of valuable appliances to keep at hand in order to ensure that the care of your personal paradise remains a pleasure and does not become a burden. GLOLRIA is the ideal partner for a well-kept and healthy garden thanks to high and reliable quality, uncomplicated ease of use, being service friendly as well as the attractive designs. This you can see for yourself in the following pages.

We wish you a lot of pleasure when you are gardening.