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  • Marolex Garden Sprayers

  • Hobby  - Sprayer

    Hobby - Sprayer

    Sprayers from HOBBY line are air-compressed 5, 7, 9, 12 litre capacity devices. They are perfect for spraying with plant protection chemicals and liquid fertilizers in orchards, nurseries, plantations, gardens, greenhouses. These models are mainly used to apply leaf fertilizers and soluble substances protecting plants from diseases, pests and weeds. All elements of our sprayers are precisely tested before final completing All parts are...

  • Master - Sprayers

    Master - Sprayers

    Sprayer Master 1500 and 2000 Plus are small compression devices of 1,5 and 2 litres capacities. They are designed for protection and nurturing treatments on plants in home and garden. We also offer a more heavy-duty line - Master Viton for cleaning and disinfection. Note: The Viton seals are recommended for those wishing to use more aggressive chemicals

  • Trigger Mini Sprayers

    Trigger Mini Sprayers

    Trigger sprayers Mini500 and Mini1000, at capacities of 500ml and 1000 ml. These are used in manual spraying and sprinkling of plants in greenhouses, gardens, on terraces and balconies. MAROLEX sprayers are fitted with technically advanced nozzles with adjustable stream angle. They are perfect devices for spraying liquid fertilizers, chemicals and for sprinkling water.

  • Other Sprayers

  • Pro-Farmer Mounted Sprayer

    Pro-Farmer Mounted Sprayer

    The new GM-R SPRAYERS PRO-FARMER Mounted Sprayer has arried featuring heavy duty frame and slim-line profile polyethylene tank to ensure that weight distribution is close to the tractor for exceptional stability. The new generation series 045 boom has proven contour following suspension and an anti-yaw damping system providing excellent boom stabiltiy. The series 045 boom is constructed throughout in high-tensile steel taking the design from Aircraft...