Golden Calf Company’s mission is to provide dairy producers with innovative products for calf care. Healthy calves are the future of a profitable dairy and our goal is to supply dairy farms the right tools to achieve a consistently healthy calf population. That’s why we are The Calf Care Company.

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Golden Calf Company solutions for effective calf care

  • Colostrum Management System
  • Calf Milk Pasteurizers
  • Colostrum Testing (Digital Refractometer)
  • Calf Feeding Tools
  • Calf Jackets

Managing your colostrum – the way you test colostrum, the way you thaw colostrum, even pasteurizing colostrum can become simple and easy with our Colostrum Management System. More importantly, feeding colostrum the right way makes your dairy successful in the long run. Because the way you raise your calves today directly impacts your future. Golden Calf Company is dedicated to supplying the tools that maximize your calves’ potential and save money and labor. From Colostrum Management to Calf Milk Pasteurizing we have the tools you need to raise healthy calves. Visit our calf raising tools page for calf jackets and digital refractometers.