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  • Calf Hero Colostrum Management

    Calf Hero Colostrum Management

    Managing colostrum is critical to calfhood health. With proper colostrum feeding you can improve not only the calf morbidity and mortality rates, but also increase milk production. Colostrum feeding should be done within 30 min of birth with at least four quarts of colostrum containing a total of 200IgGs, minimal bacterial count and be at 105F. Getting all that done can be tricky, especially with multiple people...

  • Calf Wear Calf Jackets

    Calf Wear Calf Jackets

    The Calf Wear calf jackets have been developed in Wisconsin with the experience of many cold winters. You will find them ruggedly designed, durably crafted and perfectly form fitting. The calf jackets are made of three layers – water repellent Corden™ fabric protects a layer of moisture wicking Thinsulate™ which is supported by a soft and comfortable lining.

  • Stainless Steel Tube Feeder

    Stainless Steel Tube Feeder

    As we all know it is not always possible to feed the calf with a nipple. Whatever the reason may be whether the calf is not able to suckle or whether the calf manager has had many calves in a short period time, we offer an esophageal tube feeder. This tube feeder is made of stainless steel, which makes it easy to clean. While plastic tube feeders are prone to scuff marks due to frequent use, our stainless steel tube feeder prevents calves’...

  • Smaller Herd – 20 Gallon Pasteurizer

    Smaller Herd – 20 Gallon Pasteurizer

    This electrically heated pasteurizer features automated pasteurization cycles easily navigated by using a large screen. An in-built pump provides easy dispensing as well as agitation during pasteurizing. Included is a re-heat and pre-cool option. This unit requires manual washing.

  • Calf Milk Pasteurizers

    Calf Milk Pasteurizers

    Compact and durable stainless steel design makes the Westwaard pasteurizer the ideal tool for your dairy. Multiple sizes assure that you will be able to find a product that efficiently fits your calf feeding needs.

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  • coloQuick - Colostrum Management System

    coloQuick - Colostrum Management System

    coloQuick is a complete system, which utilizes simple and to provide all calves with the best possible start in life. Logical RoutinesEvery single part of the coloQuick system has been purpose-built based upon test results and feedback from hundreds of milk producers. It's all inclusive.        i