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The story of Goldman Equipment, LLC begins in 1946 when, after leaving military service, Harry Goldman, Jr. recognized the local farmers in the Tensas Parish area’s need for a readily available local equipment supplier. In an effort to fill that need, he established the first Goldman Equipment store in Waterproof, La. enabling the area farmers to finally put their mules to pasture and start using more efficient mechanized farming equipment. As yields increased in the area, so did Goldman Equipment. In the 65-plus years since it’s establishment the company has been able to incorporate other equipment dealerships as well as build new locations, swelling the company’s customer base dramatically and resulting in a business footprint that stretches throughout northern and central Louisiana, spilling over into neighboring states.

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P.O. Box 368 Highway 65 North , Waterproof , Louisiana 71375 USA

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This has been mutually beneficial to the surrounding farmers, commercial customers, residential land owners, small ag, and governmental customers as well as to the company itself. Goldman Equipment’s success has resulted in a strong, stable Service, Parts, and Equipment resource that area customers can feel comfortable relying upon to be there day-to-day for them, a solid staple in their communities for their businesses and personal needs.

While always holding fast to Mr. Harry Goldman’s ideals and vision he had when opening the doors of that first store, Goldman Equipment, LLC has and continues to blaze a trail into the future, keeping our customers at the forefront of technological advances in farming and pooling ever more resources to better fit our customer’s needs. More than being a John Deere dealership that focuses on nothing more than “moving metal”, Goldman Equipment has fully formed and dedicated departments with expert salesmen and technicians to provide the latest in AMS (Ag Management Solutions) technology, Self-Propelled Sprayers, Irrigation Solutions, Satellite Land Leveling and Ditching, and Crop/Soil/Fertilizer Analysis & Prescriptions. The talented professionals found within these specialized departments are masters at agriculture management, and coupled with Goldman’s already second-to-none Service, Parts, and Sales Departments allows Goldman Equipment, LLC to help customers:

1) Analyze, Level, Drain, & Prep their fields to truly customize the land to the crop.

2) Provide knowledgeable salesmen who can analyze an operation, giving purchase advice on the right equipment to fit a customer’s needs for planting, tillage, spraying, fertilizing, and harvesting. They can also sell that equipment to the customer with the price and financing to fit the customer’s budget.

3) Equip and support the customer with the latest in AMS technology to more effectively operate their equipment, easily manage complex implements on-the-fly, and have hands-off capability utilizing electronics and satellite telemetry to control equipment and implements thus maximizing potential yield while limiting product waste. Now, Goldman customers can even have a live never-before-seen 360 degree view of their entire farm operation from their laptop, tablet, or mobile device and can use their equipment to set up a mobile “hot spot” in the field in which the entire fleet can share info. Customers and Goldman Equipment, LLC also can have the ability to “talk” to the equipment from anywhere there is a cell signal, gleaning diagnostic information, running tests and recording in-field operation.

4) Provide, assemble, and support irrigation solutions and equipment to customers, helping crops get water when, where, and how they need it.

5) Provide unprecedented support for customer equipment in the field or in one of our well-equipped facilities with some of the best, most highly trained technicians and parts personnel in the business.

Goldman Equipment, LLC upholds a core value of providing maximum support for our customers and this has helped forge a strong, long-lasting, mutually-beneficial partnership with our Ag, Small Ag, Commercial, Residential, and Governmental customers. Give us an opportunity to earn your business and partnership. We believe you’ll be glad that you did.