Gollmer & Hummel GmbH

GOLLMER & HUMMEL commitment and part of the companies DNA in the development of layflat hoses for agriculture, industry and firefighting. GOLLMER & HUMMEL is one of the oldest and most experienced hose manufacturers worldwide. The company was founded nearly 150 years ago from ropemaster and craftsman Friedrich Gollmer in a black forest village named Neuenbuerg close to the city of Pforzheim. The ropemaking and mechanical hose weaving out of hemp (a natural fiber) - initially a craftsman operation – was transformed by the following generations with numerous innovations and a lot of pioneer spirit into an efficient industrial operation leading the industry!

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Gässlesweg 23 , Straubenhardt , 75334 Germany

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Globally (various continents)

The independent family owned company is today successfully managed by the 5th generation and with this company structure on solid ground, well prepared for the upcoming market challenges.

The modern machinery of latest technology, highly skilled employees with comprehensive know-how and decades of experience in the industry makes ”The hosefactory” to a worldwide leading hose solution provider.