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  • Model Q-616 - Sugar Beet Harvester

    Model Q-616 - Sugar Beet Harvester

    The name Q-series  is mainly choosen  for 'Quad'. It's a 4 wheeler. But because the rear wheels are mounted close together, it has the same advantage as a trike, namely: the wheels each run in their own track. Or at least that choice is there. Because there are still people who do not want this per se. Q also reflects Quality, as we like to mention in our company motto: 'Experiencing Quality'.  The machine can perform under all...

  • Beet Eater - Model 625 - Sugar Beet Harvester

    Beet Eater - Model 625 - Sugar Beet Harvester

    Producing quality is the Nr. 1 priority  of Frans Vervaet B.V. You can tell when you have a close look  at the Vervaet 625 sugar beet harvesters. These machines are the result of over 30 years experience and a huge investment in research and development. We develop and produce machines that bring up your harvest experience  to the highest  level. Started  in 1974 in Biervliet, Netherlands, The Vervaet family developped the...

  • Beet Eater - Model 925 - Sugar Beet Harvester

    Beet Eater - Model 925 - Sugar Beet Harvester

    As early as 1974,Vervaet introduced the world's first self propelled tanker harvester. A machine which was capable of topping, lifting, cleaning and transporting the beet simultaneously. In the 30 years since, almost all competitors have followed in our footsteps.

  • Hydro Trike

    Hydro Trike

    Vervaet developed the hydro trike together with and with the demand from contractors, who were experienced in handling slurry. The concept was right from day one ,and the machines conquered the market in a few years time. Now , more then 20 years later, the Hydro Trike is still the favorite machine of the contractors that own them, the drivers that operate them, and the farmers who have the machine on their fields. We proudly present: The Vervaet...

  • Model XL - Hydro Trike

    Model XL - Hydro Trike

    Extra extendable axle: more power, more output. Because of the on-going increase of scale and therefor the desire for more capacity, we developed the Hydro Trike XL. The tank of this version has a capacity of 20,5 m³, which is also ideal to empty a 36 m³ truck in 2 times. The otherwise optional Borger 1550 (9m³) pump is standard on the XL Trike. Of course only 3 wheels was no longer feasible The solution was quickly found with an...

  • Universal Spreader

    Universal Spreader

    In recent years Vervaet and the French Panien have joined together in a productive partnership that capitalises on both companies' strengths. Vervaet has 25 years' experience with an advanced self-propelled machine, and Panien is a well-known French manufacturer of spreaders and other equipment. For some time the companies have worked to merge these two premium-quality products into a single formula. The result: the Vervaet Hydro Trike Universal...