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  • Agricultural Trailers

  • Multi Box Trailers

    Multi Box Trailers

    GOURDON patented system that allows automatic connection of the hydraulic control circuit of the doors for loading and unloading boxes without leaving your station. Valid for TP boxes.

  • Model GVM 180, 230, 240 - Large Volume Single Box Evasion Dumps Trailers

    Model GVM 180, 230, 240 - Large Volume Single Box Evasion Dumps Trailers

    Rectangular chassis.Tandem rod.Dumping by compressor and cardan.Large volume close coupled box.Box height 1,45 m with sloping and reinforced.Internal available box width 2,35 m.Hydraulic 1 panel back door with trap.Spring shaft.1 Hydraulic kickstand panel with trap.Toolkit.Tridem with 1 steering axle on GVM 240

  • Lifting Trailers

    Lifting Trailers

    Rectangular chassis box type rebuilt by folding and welding. Height adjustable spring shaft. Hydraulic kickstand with manual pump. Dumping by compressor from BM 1600 on. Hydraulic and parking brake. Single-box bodies with sloping and reinforced front panel. Front access ladderLow band box. Plenty of inclined and ribbed side reinforcements. Removable grain added boards. Inclined automatic back door with quick. clearance and pendulum action with 2...

  • Green Spaces Trailers

  • Model RB 35 - Hydraulic Dump Trailer

    Model RB 35 - Hydraulic Dump Trailer

    Galvanized chassis – heavy duty steel welded plate. Removable and folding tailboards. Towing attachment by regulatory ball Ø 50 mm with inertia brake. Dumping by hydraulic jack and manual pump. Front kickstand with retractable jockey wheel

  • Farm & Public Works Trailers

  • Model PEA 890  - Agricultural Equipment Holder Trailer

    Model PEA 890 - Agricultural Equipment Holder Trailer

    Low trail with outside wheels.Two 70mm square axles mounted in tandem.Wooden roof.4 lashing rings.Drawbar height adjustable on V shaft.Stand-soled.2 rear ramps (2000 x 300) with spacing adjustment and spring-assist lift.Hydraulic braking and park brake.12 volts lighting

  • Model PEA 130 - Agricultural Equipment Holder Trailer

    Model PEA 130 - Agricultural Equipment Holder Trailer

    Dumping by gravity with retarder jack. 2 80 mm simple square axles mounted in tandem. Mixed surface plate. 10 lashing rings. Anti-skid plate and exotic wood. Towing attachment, spring shaft. 12-volt lighting. Flatbed blocking in road position by container lock. Hydraulic kickstand.2 spacing adjustable rear ramps (1300 x 500) by spring-assisted lift. Hydraulic and parking brake.

  • Public Works Trailers

  • Model RCM24 - Multi-Function Trailer

    Model RCM24 - Multi-Function Trailer

    Tubular chassis with reduced height. Tandems and tridems with rods flattened assemblies. Axle on RCM32. Arrow spring. Hydraulic jack. 12 volts electric operated distributor. Bolted Guima arm on chassis

  • Model BT 18/25 - Dumper Trailer

    Model BT 18/25 - Dumper Trailer

    10mm and side 10mm thick Hardbox fund. Upper edges form breaks rock. Lifted back part allows use without door. Chassis box beam reconstituted. Attachment arrow adjusts its height, includes double spring for attenuating crashes. Special TP bogie truck TP for large clearance. Oversized braking system with adjustable levers. Hydraulic system controlled by high-performance, industrial-type piston pump (flow and pressure). 70° angle swing actioned by...