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  • Motor Components

  • Pistons


    We individually manufacture pistons according to your sample or according to the drawing in individual series or small series.We produce complete pistons including piston ring, bolts and piston pin retainers according to samples or drawings. For lots of still common motors we have pistons on stock with an oversize of up to 2.0mm. The advantage of our own production is that we are able to consider piece productions up to small series including all your...

  • Flat Gaskets and Spacer Washers

    Flat Gaskets and Spacer Washers

    We manufacture flat gaskets and spacer washers of original quality according to your sample or your drawing.We are able to deliver flat gaskets of all kinds according to samples, drawings or engine block or cylinder head casts. The material composition is adapted to the original gasket. Of course, we will consider any desired changes.We are specialized in piece and series productions.We have gaskets for any common motors on our stock.

  • Friction Bearings

    Friction Bearings

    Production of friction bearings of different kinds of material and types, e.g. collar bearing, liners and friction bearing shells.We are having main and connecting rod bearings for a lot of old German motors on stock. If the bearings are not on stock, we are able manufacture them made of bronze, white metal or two components (steel/bronze). In special cases we pour out or centrifuge existing bearings. Production of collar bearings is also making part...