Grain King

Grain King

Established in 1962 as a family business, Trufab Farm Machinery has grown to be a market leader producing a range of high quality and reliable products. The Grain King range is globally renowned for its paddock solutions that effectively meet the agriculture industry’s needs. Grain King is among the largest suppliers and manufacturers of grain handling equipment throughout Australia. By using cutting edge technology, high quality materials, and skilled labour our product line maintains a competitive edge over others. We strive to provide our customers with innovative and intelligent solutions to increase their productivity and efficiency. We understand that the bottom line during the harvest period is getting your grain safely into the storage facilities.

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7 West Main St , Cunderdin , Western Australia 6407 Australia

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Globally (various continents)
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At Trufab Farm Machinery we produce our equipment with the longevity of the customer’s investment in mind. Our attention to detail, major worldwide back up plan, and high level of professionalism result in unbeatable customer service. We make it a priority to gain customer feedback so our product improvements truly meet the needs of the agriculture industry.

We believe a quality product begins with employee satisfaction and a safe workplace; we strive to continually improve our internal standards to result in an outstanding product for our customers. Grain King continues to rank among the world’s largest chaser bins and is a clear market leader in quality and durability.

The Grain King product line is comprised of 18t to 45t chaser bins, 80t to 125t field bins and 30t to 45t seed and super bins. By continually striving to produce cutting edge equipment while maintaining a high level of customer satisfaction, a Trufab investment is a worthwhile investment.